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Things Dust Bunnies Say!

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Fatal Absolution
Bleeding Sun Conglomerate
#41 Posted: 2014.05.12 00:16
So just checking in. Any features for stupid things you guys would like to see? With the way my project is setup I can do a lot of things with the information I pull from posts in GD.

The enemies of God stand broken before us. The light of the Reclaiming shines over them!

12/13/14 Never forget

Heaven84 Devils
#42 Posted: 2014.05.13 23:32
I saw
How do I skill into warbages
on the feed last night

also play as Larlac Theest (Min)

Gauntlett5487 (Cal), and Strangeland Stranger (Gal),

#43 Posted: 2014.05.20 18:47
Hit detection on your ADS. Yes anyone can have beer.... But Dust is supposed to be... It isn't even as SP expensive as the things ****ing.
#44 Posted: 2014.05.20 18:51
Don't deliver on their qualifications and community contributions rather than admit things are frakked and make suggestions to bring blasters into tank fights shows that will.

Dust seem exciting. This is how these things work. Thanks for hosting this fanfest, I for one find people who are supposed to have 2 slots,.

Strength, you know me to fear me, even if they are in eve a frigate cant equip the same colors I use it) Fear: I don't.
Fatal Absolution
Bleeding Sun Conglomerate
#45 Posted: 2014.05.27 05:13  |  Edited by: THUNDERGROOVE
Hi, due to some issues with GoogleBot pounding my server trying to cache my updatesets expect some awkward downtime until it realizes I set meta to to not cache.


Everything should be up and working. I'm looking into porting TDBS to GoLang to prevent these kind of mishaps that are due to performance issues with Python.

Sorry if this interrupted you lulzBig smile

The enemies of God stand broken before us. The light of the Reclaiming shines over them!

12/13/14 Never forget

Resheph Interstellar Strategy
Gallente Federation
#46 Posted: 2014.07.06 00:48
I wouldn't even be in this bug. It would not be so? EDIT: I'm heading to bed. Keep it civil, folks. My dedication never saves Not.

Talking about......but anyway he was awesome because he could make addressing the "Pirouetting Heavy" unnecessary (and improve things for many other players simultaneously). But if Well,.

Attack Follow up slash. Heavy bunny-hopped (attack will fail); assuming it didn't; Heavy has back turned, proto scout shotguns once (1), Heavy jumps forward and a.

The third one sounds like a recipe for a good time.
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