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#1 Posted: 2014.01.20 03:31  |  Edited by: Bojo The Mighty
Hey LogicLoop long time,


This is the Gallente Research facility and the area in question is the strip L5-L7. Now what I'm trying to point out is a general design flaw if applied in reality. Now if you start from L4 inside the research facility and move around the facility maintaining a path that does not require you to touch the street level, you will end up L8 where you come to the end. Now if I was to design a facility I would make it so that point A is returnable via completion of the path. Right now you can not get back to L4 from L8 without jumping down to the street.

It only makes sense to finish the loop-access (cyclic path) and make a bridge or second level walkway from L4 to L8 aka the strip L5-L7. It would really just complete the place considering that the strip L5-L7 is already a relative deadzone.

Let's say that Mercenary B (for Bojo) enters at A7 (ramp access near CRU). To get to L4 without jumping down to street level (let's say there's a roaming pack of HAVs) Mercenary B must go through the walkway in the upper right quadrant. There is no other option than taking to the streets. Let's also say that it is unwise to go through that area because as gameplay has proved, get a few HMGs up there you are denying access.

Let's say Scientist B (Bojo The Scientist) enters at A7 after taking a leak just outside the wall of the compounds. He has to swing by L8 to pick up some test tubes and then go to L4 to get to the Labs (which are underground last I checked). So he gets to L4 taking the clockwise route. But oh no! Scientist B cannot get to L4 without jumping down to the street which would bust his knees because he's not some mercenary clone. He has to carry that box of test tubes down a flight of stairs out of the building across the street up the stairs again and down the stairs to the lab. There's obviously a flaw in designing this place as a laboratory considering it is difficult for the scientists to commute between two nearby points.

So how about just adding that walkway? Please? Don't give me that look....no, no, no,....damn you UI performance! *Preemptive response to LogicLoop giving a logical reason why the servers would have a tough time coping with it.*
#2 Posted: 2014.02.05 22:20
No love, no logicloop
One sad bojo
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#3 Posted: 2014.02.18 00:27
Bojo The Mighty wrote:
No love, no logicloop
One sad bojo

Logicloop has abandoned us bojo... but don't cry, 1.8 will bring us joys until 1.9

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#4 Posted: 2014.02.19 00:24
Yeah I heard about LogicLoop but now I'm worried that good map feedback will never be recognized.
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