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There is a fracture in the road on Fracture Road

Onslaught Inc
#1 Posted: 2013.12.15 23:33
Is this supposed to be here?


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#2 Posted: 2013.12.18 13:24
i have also had tht happen to me in a lav just started falling after wat appeared to be a small ammount of lag then boom found a red line lol

bbw awooooooooooooooooooo

Shining Flame
Amarr Empire
#3 Posted: 2014.03.02 11:26
This needs to be unintended. Please give us a bluetag that this is going to be fixed. It is now 3 month from the report here. I loose hope in the intention of this subforum.

Thanks, this is an awesome game! o/
Crux Special Tasks Group
Gallente Federation
#4 Posted: 2014.03.12 14:37
How do you think they picked the name for that map?

em ta kool t'nod

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