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#1 Posted: 2013.12.04 02:51

Got into this map in-game and fiddled with contrast, gamma, brightness, color... everything. Couldn't make it look anywhere near this pretty. Obviously this is probably from the dev kit buuuuut; is there any feasible way to get the lighting to match this? This particular area is just insanely bright in-game. Screenshot has better lighting in general and the colors seem to be more vibrant (the bottom of the catwalk on the upper right is yellowish in the screenshot but is more whitish in game, for instance)

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#2 Posted: 2013.12.08 20:07
dev hacks

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#3 Posted: 2013.12.09 13:44
Sorry man.
But developers use weakly ROOM tab to light did not go through the walls have been gathered, and the shadows of any objects in closed and open spaces have been better.
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