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It's YC 115, not 8100AD these outposts are not up to code on safety regulations!

#1 Posted: 2013.11.15 09:52
Seriously, why is Orbital Artillery and the Gallente Research Facility so dark? Shouldn't these outposts have lights in the celings, illuminating the structures? In twilight and night themes while playing on these two maps there are several areas that are completely dark.

I don't understand why this game is so dark. Did those responsible for the facilities make sure to initiate a total black out?

Request for, more and better, internal lighting on these two outposts

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#2 Posted: 2014.01.05 00:58
Agreed, I sometimes get turned around in dark hallways because I can't see where I'm going. And don't say "turn up the brightness!" because that takes away the shadows and a lot of detail like overexposing a camera picture.
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#3 Posted: 2014.01.06 04:56
I think Orbital Artillery is slated to be replaced at some point in the future as it doesn't fit the aesthetics of OA or the race.
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#4 Posted: 2014.03.03 18:04
The darkness is for scouts. I recommend you stay in the light.

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#5 Posted: 2014.03.10 22:34  |  Edited by: Joey-Number1
No, it depends on the mood, to be honest its pretty cool that there is this kind of variety, and looks really good when there are crates that are lightened up and all around its dark. Btw the Orbital Artiellery outpost is the most sci-fi city like outpost, looks awesome and is my favorite, dont remove it please.

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#6 Posted: 2014.03.15 02:57
Auschwitz had better safety protocols than some of these facilities.

The horror! The horror!

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#7 Posted: 2014.05.01 18:41
Perhaps it is a defunct orbital artillery station? I do agree though there are some spots that are ridiculously dark but most of the mood is great. Also my favorite map.


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