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[Map Idea] Caldari Megacorp Slums

Forty-Nine Fedayeen
Minmatar Republic
#1 Posted: 2013.10.14 04:54
The Caldari State is notorious for the mistreatment of the employees of it's largest corporations, so a cool map idea would be an abandoned slum district, with lots of small buildings, shacks, hovals, and lots of run down homes. In the background, you can see a space elevator facility reaching out into space, the work place for other citizens in neighboring slum areas that haven't been abandoned. Former leader of the Caldari State, Tibus Heth came from an area just like that, and I feel this would add a great example of urban warfare to Dust, to compete with the fun similar stages have in other fps brands.

Do you think this is possible Logic Loop? Do you think this is a long way off, or that it fits in with what the vision for dust maps is?
Forty-Nine Fedayeen
Minmatar Republic
#2 Posted: 2013.11.24 06:19
Thank you for the up votes guys
Roy Baty Brigade
#3 Posted: 2013.12.29 03:34
In a way it's a twisted idea. Yet, we fight for corporations and so it make sense we would end up fighting for control of the living spaces of the abused workers, as well as the facilities they work in. What would make it even more disturbing and intense is if there were lots of civilians hiding there that you would have to avoid harming. That opens up the idea of non-player characters (NPCs) roaming the Dust world, which I'd like to see in any case.

"How does it feel to live in fear? That's what it is, to be a slave."

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