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[Feedback] Regarding Eve Players earning the orbitals

#1 Posted: 2013.09.11 11:52
Like FoxFour already mentioned CCP is planning some kind of FW-Overhaul in Dust 514 for Winter 2013 / Spring 2014 which will introduce things like standing and remove the NPC-orbitals. He also said that he would like Eve-Players being able to earn the orbitals. But they currently have the problem that they don't know who will be able to call down the orbital then.

I thought a little bit about it and I have 4 ideas, which the development team may want to consider.

Idea 1:

Give each squad an additional slot for a Eve-Player. Then the squad leader can invite a Eve-Player into his squad. Of course the Eve Player could still be in a fleet on his own. He should also be able to request to be invited or just join the squad all by himself, if the Squad isn't locked. Then the Squad Leader gets a message as soon as the Eve player earned the orbital.

Idea 2:

As soon as the Eve-player earned the orbital every squad leader gets the message that an orbital is now available. Then the Squad leaders who requested an orbital pop up on the Eve-players HUD and the Eve-player can chose which request he follows.

Idea 3:

Finally introduce the battle commander. Squad leaders lose the ability to call in orbitals. This would be the task of the battle commander. He would get a message tht the orbital is available and is the sole person on the team who can call in an orbital.

Idea 4:

Dusties don't call in an orbital. After earning the orbital the Eve player can see the map with every enemy the Dust-Team on his side actively scanned. Then he can start the orbital on his own.
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#2 Posted: 2013.09.11 13:22
Allow an Eve player to scorch the earth the way any military force on our planet can, if they can get there they can shoot it.
#3 Posted: 2013.09.11 13:25
Draco Cerberus wrote:
Allow an Eve player to scorch the earth the way any military force on our planet can, if they can get there they can shoot it.

I guess that would be a little bit problematic. Getting there is easy. And in such a case you would only need 1 Eve player to bomb away the district with the enemies not even having a chance to do anything. The "If they can get there"-option would only be possible if we could finally fire back at them.
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#4 Posted: 2013.09.11 14:11
These are great ideas, I especially like idea three. Mainly because if the battle commander orders the strike, the squad leaders are free keep up the assault, as well as, this could benefit the over all team mechanics, by introducing the battle commander position in a team roster, maybe even tailor comms.

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