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Templar Manhunt Event Status Update

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C C P Alliance
#1 Posted: 2013.06.04 10:48  |  Edited by: CCP Frame
Dear players,

Due to technical issues from this weekend, the Templar Manhunt event was adversely impacted. Here's an update on the status of the Templar Manhunt:

  • It will end during downtime today
  • Your Templar characters will be removed from your account if you were chosen to be a Templar

We realize that the server outage over the weekend has made participation in the event difficult and thus preventing players from reaching their event reward goals as templars/hunters. To rectify this, we are offerring the following to players who participated in the event:

  • All Templar players will receive their event rewards
  • All players who scored at least one Templar kill from downtime Saturday June 1 through downtime on June 4 will qualify for the Templar hunter reward

We also received a lot of good feedback about the event itself (i.e. Templars should get some starting ISK, and slightly higher starting skill points), and will be updating the design of the event for the future. It is our goal to host another similar event for the player community in the near future and we would like to thank those who have participated in this event and hope to see you again soon.
C C P Alliance
#2 Posted: 2013.06.17 08:46  |  Edited by: CCP Frame
For those of you who have participated in the Templar Manhunt event, we are aiming to send you the rewards this Thursday, June 20 after downtime.

A quick reminder of what the rewards are and conditions for receiving them:

  • All Templar players will receive 100 copies of the following dropsuits (300 total)

  • -- Sentinel A/1 Series
    -- Assault A/1 series
    -- Logistics A/1 Series

  • All Templar hunters who have scored at least one Templar kill will receive 2.5 million ISK

Thanks again to all those who participated in the event and we will be hosting more events in the coming weeks!
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