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Possibility of "CPM Introduction threads"?

Caldari State
#1 Posted: 2013.05.19 06:05  |  Edited by: David Spd
So I was thinking of things that could help this forum be more useful and it occurred me that I have no freaking idea who the CPM are or how they play etc.

So I was thinking maybe each of the CPM could make a thread as a brief "about me" and "what my role on the CPM is, specifically". This way new players could come in, see who you guys & gal are and have a general idea of what to discuss with you, should they need to. Also this would help encourage discussions of "Mr./Miss. CPM what do you think about x or y"

Hopefully this subforum would be a better place to get more in-depth discussions. I realize this might not really be the most ideal use of this section but better than a feedback/request section? Any CPM on let me know what you think.

Also if you decide to make an "about me" could you please share at least one way to get in contact directly? Email, Skype etc. whichever you prefer. If you'd rather not publicly post info then let us know; sure nobody will object.

Also, if the CPM agree to and post threads could we get them stickied? Thanks.

Template for About Me (if you'd like one)

Screen Name
Favorite dropsuit/playstyle
Brief Dust/Eve history
Personal favorites of Dust
Personal beefs with Dust
What you do as CPM
What your personal goal as CPM is (be specific please)
Times you are on (approx is fine)
Ways we can contact you directly
Your personal requests to the community
And any closing if you want

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Den of Swords
#2 Posted: 2013.05.19 17:58
I think we can work with this and get them glued.

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Onslaught Inc
#3 Posted: 2013.05.20 11:45
I've got a doc going compiling all this information, once its complete I'll be sure to throw it in a thread and have CCP sticky it. Thanks!
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