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Weapon damage model/HMG balance

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C C P Alliance
#1 Posted: 2013.05.10 09:43  |  Edited by: CCP Frame
Posting the following info on upcoming changes to weapon damage and HMG balance on behalf of CCP Rement since he's knee deep in making these changes. He will also be answer questions and discussing this topic in this thread as well.

Tl;dr version:
• In the next hot-fix weapons will all get a 10% damage increase to compensate for the removal of the Weaponry skill bonus.
• HMG damage buffed to 18 HP (including aforementioned 10% increase) and given a 5% dispersion buff.
• In the near future, we will address range issues by removing the hard stop that currently takes place at maximum weapon range.

In Chromosome, the Weaponry skill gave an across the board 2% damage bonus to handheld weapons per level. Given the low SP cost of the skill (and the fact that it’s a pre-req for every weapon in the game) the majority of players would just skill straight to level 5 making the skill pretty pointless. So, in Uprising we removed the skill bonus. The side effect of this, of course, is that time-to-kill has increased.

This, combined with some of the control issues we’ve been seeing, has led to combat feeling worse than it did in Chromosome. We will address this with a hot-fix that gives an across the board 10% increase to all handheld weapon damage to put DPS back to where it was. Additionally, we’ve increased HMG damage and reduced the dispersion penalty when moving by 5% to address issues with the weapon.

The removal of the Sharpshooter skill (which gave bonuses to range) has also highlighted some issues with range in general. Weapon classes need unique range profiles. I doubt anyone would dispute that. And the sharpshooter skill was pushing far too many weapons beyond their intended engagement ranges. While it’s removal has caused some issues, the SS skill was a crutch and it hid more deep-seated problems with range in the game. It will not be coming back.

Right now, all weapons have an optimal and maximum range. Unfortunately, at its max range the weapon simply stops doing damage. This is bad for a whole host of reasons and we’ll be addressing this with a point release in the near future by giving all weapons an optimal, effective and absolute range. Up to the optimal range weapons will do 100% damage (shield/armor profiles notwithstanding) and then drop off slowly towards their effective range. From effective range out to the absolute range damage will drop noticeably but weapons will still do incidental damage even at extreme ranges.
Amarr Templars
Amarr Empire
#2 Posted: 2013.05.10 09:50  |  Edited by: Ryder Azorria
+1 Good stuff CCP, definitely a big step in the right direction.
Xer Cloud Consortium
#3 Posted: 2013.05.10 09:54

And good post +1 can't wait to get home to play tonight
Fatal Absolution
Bleeding Sun Conglomerate
#4 Posted: 2013.05.10 09:56
Good stuff Commander.

Glad to see you guys listen to reason.

This is a positive and endearing message brought to you by Himi.

Bragian Order
Amarr Empire
#5 Posted: 2013.05.10 10:02
Special Planetary Emergency Response Group
#6 Posted: 2013.05.10 10:02
Excellent step in the right direction! Once the control issues are hammered out and the hard stop is removed, I think we'll have a very sexy game on our hands indeed!

Cheers, CCP!
Militaires Sans Jeux
#7 Posted: 2013.05.10 10:02
Hmm the whole weapon range fixes seem promising... I guess I should just hold off on playing the game until then...
Dominion of the Supreme Emperor God-King KAGEHOSHI
#8 Posted: 2013.05.10 10:10

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#9 Posted: 2013.05.10 10:12

Call 1-800-345-SONY, press 2, then 2 again to get your money back if you bought AUR in the past 90 days.

Molon Labe.
The Irukandji 3.0
#10 Posted: 2013.05.10 10:14
My boundless is loaded and ready, pew pew!
Codpiece Conundrum
#11 Posted: 2013.05.10 10:19
That is great thanks Cmdr Wang and thanks also for the heads up on the future plans.
Edimmu Warfighters
Gallente Federation
#12 Posted: 2013.05.10 10:25
woohoo!!! us heavies can finally live again!

do we have an idea of when these fixes will come?

my brothers and sisters i salute you O7

and CCP? 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

Tronhadar Free Guard
Minmatar Republic
#13 Posted: 2013.05.10 10:31
Great changes across the board, thank you!
Molon Labe.
The Irukandji 3.0
#14 Posted: 2013.05.10 10:31
Chibi Andy wrote:
woohoo!!! us heavies can finally live again!

do we have an idea of when these fixes will come?

During today's extended downtime in 30 minutes.
#15 Posted: 2013.05.10 10:34
Finally not going to feel like I'm running around with an oversized water gun.
Edimmu Warfighters
Gallente Federation
#16 Posted: 2013.05.10 10:35
Musta Tornius wrote:
Chibi Andy wrote:
woohoo!!! us heavies can finally live again!

do we have an idea of when these fixes will come?

During today's extended downtime in 30 minutes.

Ah thank you very much! And a big thank you to CCP for these fixes!! Big smile

my brothers and sisters i salute you O7

and CCP? 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

SVER True Blood
#17 Posted: 2013.05.10 10:38  |  Edited by: ChromeBreaker

Please please dont say its a blanket +10% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tactical AR's dont need it.
Forge guns dont need it
Grenades dont need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE be careful with this! HMG i can understand but 10% might mess with everything else

shadows of 514
#18 Posted: 2013.05.10 10:39
I'm very happy that u guys head to your guns on the Ss that makes me confident that dispite epic QQ u guys can work out what the actual issue is props to the devs very impressed on the turn around

I am among the 1st of my kind, and i will never forget. no empire lasts forever and i have all the time in the world.

#19 Posted: 2013.05.10 10:41
Yesterday, I spawned in an Ambush in a scout suit right in front of a heavy with an HMG. When that happened one of my first thoughts was 'good thing it was an HMG!' While it saved my team a clone, I know it wasn't right. I glad to see that the gun is having some work done.

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― Mark Twain

#20 Posted: 2013.05.10 10:45
Good call ccp but just one question are you going to put the ranges in the list of stats on each gun coz it would be nice to know what my opt and fall off ranges are when i look to see which gun i want to use on the map.
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