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Subdreddit Recruitment Information Thread

#1 Posted: 2013.05.09 13:31  |  Edited by: Rynx Sinfar
Who we are:
We are Subdreddit, the unofficial corporation of Reddit within Dust514. We all actively participate on the site which is a requirement for membership. Our own subreddit can be found at

You should join if:
You are a Redditor who has taken an interest in Dust514. This does not mean you have a Reddit account. It means you are a community member aka "a Redditor". Lurking does not constitute being a Redditor.

Can you elaborate on what a Redditor constitutes?:
No we cannot. We are not interested in bare minimum or gaming our requirements. Any applicant has their posting history looked at to see if they want to be active on Reddit or just passing through or putting on appearances.

Why we are being jerks about this:
This is a policy most famous from Goons and Dreddit. Joining Subdreddit as a Redditor means stepping into an environment you've already been acquainted with and want to be a part of. It means that besides the game you want to be a part of our social group because you enjoy that too and also enjoy it foremost. It means that when the game gets a bit boring or you can't currently play, that there is a community to enjoy and participate in which you found enjoyable on it's own merits.

So you want to apply:
Great! But first I want to tell you that these forums are actually in use by us. If you are accepted into Subdreddit you can go to and you will see a new subforum for Subdreddit! You can get a lot of great info on the forums by checking out the Information Directory in our forums. You can look in General Discussion or I also link it on the sidebar in the Subreddit. Okay now to apply, search for the "Subdreddit" corporation in the Corporation tab (note: Not Subdreddit Gold, that's for other stuff) or because PS3 typing is awful us the ticker "B3RT" (same place you would Subdreddit) and our name will pop up! Click the name and you can choose to apply. When you apply make sure and include your Reddit username. That is all we need! If there is no Reddit username included it will be deleted.

So you want to apply but aren't a Redditor: <- It's right there and contains anything in the world you might want to read about. It is a diverse community with many internal communities, find the one you fit into! Don't come rushing here after. Maybe a couple months from now you decide to come over to Subdreddit because you're enjoying your time there. Until then enjoy the game first and foremost, hopefully we can have some fun later. As an extra tip, Reddit's search feature makes kittens cry, try this to find some interesting communities and later you'll find more just from talking to people about stuff! -> .

Highly skilled players looking to join who aren't a Redditor:
See above suggestions, looking forward to adding you to the ranks later!

So you submitted an application:
Looking forward to reading it and rendering judgement upon your head! We have public channels available for you to hang out in while you wait. Even if you don't have an app in or are aligned with our deepest darkest enemies you're welcome to hop in and say hello. We sometimes get a lot of applications so please give us a day or two since we're only human!

The channels I speak of:
Our public channel is "Subdreddit". If no director is online many members can contact us through our non game chat channels so we can help or tell you to go away via proxy.
Our super secret publicly knowable friend channel is "Ragebacon" if you can't get in your not a friend and we hate you.
We also welcome non Subdredditor content on though unlike these forums we can moderate public things and ban people from posting. Just don't be a complete jerk and don't advertise your own corp there (/r/dust514 is not under our jurisdiction).

Subdreddit's Planetary Conquest involvement:
We are actively involved in PC and currently own territory on Klingt 8. This post won't be constantly updated but PC offers a unique experience that we want our membership to be capable of enjoying first hand.

Subdreddit's Faction Warfare:
We fight for the Amarr and participate in coordinated efforts with an EvE side FW focused corporation. Famously with a previous ally we were able to help them take an Minmatar allied FW corp's home territory so ahead of schedule that the bulk of their members weren't waking up yet (Estimated 10hrs earlier than they had anticipated).

Additional Subdreddit info: <- There are some minor details and a fun tool to know about.

Our CEO is Dent308 who is the dictator of our Space Communist society and his lasers burn only false clones.

We are a member of TEST Alliance (Best Alliance) and are planning increased coordination with TEST as Dust progresses into Nullsec and we can reach TEST territory.

We can be found at our local home of or you can hop in our public channel "Subdreddit" who's naming origins remain a mystery

#2 Posted: 2013.05.10 20:41
Due to the nature of our Corporation i figured I'd bump with some subreddits I find interesting. Well somewhat

I still think it is one of the most honest subreddits around. You will find something and say "Indeed, that is mildly interesting"

(quick tip: if you look near the top you can sort a subreddit by top votes over longer periods of time, I like to sort by all time when I first find a new subreddit I like)

#3 Posted: 2013.05.13 16:56
You guys will love this one

It is artistic depictions of non existant technology. Not completely dominated by but heavily populated by military themes. Sometimes it is as simple as a robotic animal meant to look organic, other times it is a huge mech. An example is the third top post there now, it is a bird but made of machine parts. It isn't mean to be an imposter, just a robotic interpretation. Also the feathers might be knives idk...

I get my phone wallpapers from here (because it generally isn't desktop wallpaper sized)

#4 Posted: 2013.05.15 14:06
Here is an interesting one

This is actually two subreddits which are being combined by the URL. Reddit reads that you want info from both of these subreddits and compiles a custom list based on in.

AskScience is where you ask some scientific questions (though more specific ones exist). Sh!ttyAskScience is where you ask about the science of leprechauns and ask what killed the unicorn or ask something just really tough and people give smart sounding but really dumb answers.

So when you combine the two, sometimes you get a nice post that is actually one but sounds like the other and it's kinda a roulette.

Also a topic containing a female heavy corp member topless (SFW)

#5 Posted: 2013.05.16 12:45
We are so meta

That is a subreddit dedicated to making fun of redditors.

Here is a brief description from their side bar

Have you recently read an upvoted Reddit comment that was bigoted, creepy, misogynistic, transphobic, racist, homophobic, or just reeking of unexamined, toxic privilege? Of course you have! Post it here.

#6 Posted: 2013.05.20 13:01
I'm adding two for this one.

First which is very well known for being a place for cuddly animal photos. Ever seen a cuddly lizard? It's on there. Last night I saw a bunny trying to hold onto a ball and hop and he did a somersault with the ball. fantastic.

Secondly is not nearly as popular but also full of adorable animal photos. Often times featuring two animals interacting in some way

#7 Posted: 2013.05.25 10:50
Rynx's recommendations looks little lonely,so here is mine.

I'm addicted to Need a name for your mixed volleyball team, marketing company or entourage of homo homes? This is the subreddit for you, or if you like making up names for stuff. My suggestion for the last one was The Rainbro's.
#8 Posted: 2013.05.28 20:52  |  Edited by: Rynx Sinfar
Thanks gersh!

adding another!

This is photos of (usually) hardware in various states of destruction or disarray. One example was someone who put a mobo in frying oil, left it on to generate heat, then fried some french fries in the oil (do not do at home).

Sometimes it's intentional, sometimes it's horrific setups that makes tech wangs shrivel, lots of times it's stuff that got run over.

Sidenote: Was forever ago but there is a story of the Original XBox where a roommate, fed up with the noise, walked into the living room and fired a round from a pistol into the Xbox turning it off. After what I'm assuming was some sort of followup discussion and police intervention in regards to said gunfire, the Xbox was able to be turned on fine and worked 100%. Lesson? Xboxes are cheaper than bullet proof vests in a pinch.

#9 Posted: 2013.05.30 14:45

pretty much what it looks like, meant for both book and tv enjoyers. Looks like it has a nifty spoiler prevention system. Check out the right side. (note spoiler systems are not necessarily effective for phone users who aren't using a browser)

In case anyone wasn't aware users make their own subreddits and can use CSS tricks to do cool things. Examples are tagging posts based on topic, hiding content unless you hover over it (for spoilers), hiding downvote button under certain conditions (depending on the subreddit this can be a bad thing), adding buttons/controls, and making cool page styles. The above subreddit is a prime example of what is possible.

#10 Posted: 2013.06.07 16:51
Been a while since I added one. A couple posts from this subreddit have made the front page as of late. Some are pretty good and I enjoy the concept.

Essentially a subreddit dedicated to GIF/Videos where it begins one way and has an ending you couldn't possibly predict.

They actually link to the post that started the Subreddit in the side bar. Which I will also link here ->

They also have a few links to other subreddits on the sidebar. One of which is which is based around the concept that commercials have ridiculous acting or just ridiculous concepts. Most posts these days feature a fake story that gives a "possible" explanation. If I'm explaining it poorly here is the gif that started their community -->

#11 Posted: 2013.06.13 14:48  |  Edited by: Rynx Sinfar
oooooo man. Are you guys gonna love me.

Today I am posting a well known subreddit called

IAMA is a place where people take questions who have something interesting about them.

Their biggest claim to fame is having the president take a few questions (though some questions were raised as to how fast the questions that got answered were posted).

However less significant people are also on there. Right now some less voted posts are a soccer referee in italy and someone hoping to get on the show "The Next Iron Chef".

Not all IAMAs are created equal. Woody Harrelson is unlikely to return after a slew of backlash following his IAMA. Redditors were unhappy with the fact that he would only answer questions about his upcoming movie. While the person is certainly able to choose which questions to answer, Reddit doesn't like people purely using it as a marketing gimmick, and not answering personal or industry questions that come up makes for unhappy readers.

Bigger names can actually get listed on the sidebar as being scheduled. Some good ones being General Electric Researchers on June 14th, Elijah Wood on the 20th, in about an hour Ethan Hawke along with some co-writers and creators of "Before Midnight" will being doing an IAMA (Mr Hawke did one very recently that was very good, I'm not the biggest fan but you can tell when people are being forthcoming with questions and give a crap).

The big one for me though is at 5pm eastern today Dolph Lundgren is doing an IAMA. For the younger folks this is the guy who played Ivan Drago in Rocky 4. He is an action star who you may have seen in Expendables, and was a decent name in the 80s/90s. Those of you unfamiliar with him saying "big whoop" should also know that he has a master's degree in chemical engineering, and finished "with the highest results in his class". This action hero moviestar was actually awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to MIT in 1983 but life took him another path. Also from his wiki article " Lundgren speaks Swedish, English, Spanish, some German, some French, some Japanese, and some Italian". Awesome stuff.

Also I am going to go ahead and post my favorite IAMA question/response which is from an arnold schwartzenegger IAMA . He later came back and did a special one for the fitness community on Reddit.

This is a subreddit you definitely want to see what has gotten the top posts in the past year. Highlights being Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Bill Nye, Snoop Dogg (or Lion), Mars Curiosity Rover engineer/scientists, guy mauled by bear, PSY, Adam Savage, etc etc.

edit: Adding my favorite response in the Dolph Lundgren iama ->

edit: Here is an IAMA from Aisha Tyler who is the new host on Who's Line Is It Anyway, plays Lana on Archer, and much more

#12 Posted: 2013.07.19 13:27
This one is a bit specific but it is a subreddit dedicated to android theming.

If you look there are some really awesome examples and people to help you imitate the looks.

I actually recently made this one based on the instructions which took some doing but worked great. So great in fact that I started looking for something I might even like better (though I liked that one enough to waste a hour setting it up).

They can help tell you what widgets to download to imitate the behavior and so forth. It can be tricky since not all phones are the same size and finding a setup you like is pretty important. For an example of how cool what I just linked is I'll explain the process.

First be aware that pretty much every circle on the image is a button. Not an actual button mind you, it is built into the wallpaper. What you DO is create invisible custom action icons on top of those areas that let you program them however you like AND customize the areas that you can touch (so say the little circle next to the phone icon is hard to reach, you make the touch area a bit bigger out into the open to allow more give.

They then provided the name of the widget and the customized files to add to it to get the time and weather widgets to look that way. The widget that uses them is very powerful, letting you set font types, position, color, etc. The package included the color, font style, basic position, etc. And then I worked it a little more so it was positioned correctly for my screen. It was a big tough but I thought it was worth it.

The widget for the ivisible icons is pretty neat too. Essentially it lets you add a widget to the screen, which you then customize. Customization options range from choosing the icon of your choice, an image file you provide, or nothing. Then you associate an action to it. This can be pretty much anything you could add to the homescreen. The nice thing is it adds the widget with a default "hey this needs setup" icon so you can set all the positions, make sure everything is good to go, and then set all the invisible icons.

I used a paid version of Nova launcher (creator says the free version of Apex is fine but my screen size made things a bit tough). The bottom left bubble was meant to launch the app list but there was something going wrong in my custom rom I have installed as it is not in stable release yet. So i made that my reddit button. You can also see there is no bottom icon dock nor is there a notification bar up top. I used gestures on Nova launcher so that if I pulled my finger from bottom to top it would open my app lists. If I pulled it from Top to bottom I would open the notification list, thus providing me full phone functionality. Also I set up app folders in my app drawer within Nova Launcher to imitate the folders I had before. That way despite the amount of icons I can have on my desktop being limited I could still quickly and easily find things in the drawers.

If you're having severe issues setting it up you might want to try Lightning Launcher though it is still in development and has a very rough UI. The payoff is it has a huge amount of power to it and even lets you eliminate the homescreen grid and place things where ever you like (super good for this). I had trouble at the wallpaper stage and didn't feel like solving it (was solvable).

By the way, with the instructions on the site, someone could definitely make a Dust theme. Eh? Eh?

This site also opened my eyes to what extents Icon packs go to now which can be implemented using the Nova Launcher. Some things I assumed were obviously going to have been included in icon packs but many surprised me.

By the way, to make the linked theme you would not need a rooted phone, just launchers to add functionality.

Here are some other cool ones I found.
Minimal Blue (nice design) though minimal is a bit overdone currently
Fallout theme
Very simple portal theme

Chatelain Rapid Response
Gallente Federation
#13 Posted: 2013.07.19 15:43
Another requirement as a redditor
Random Gunz
#14 Posted: 2013.07.19 19:47  |  Edited by: Soraya Xel
We are a member of TEST Alliance (Best Alliance) and are planning increased coordination with TEST as Dust progresses into Nullsec and we can reach TEST territory.

What territory? o.O Surely you must mean the station at 9-V?

CPM1 Elect. Thanks for all your support. for ideas, thoughts, and feedback.

#15 Posted: 2013.07.25 13:02  |  Edited by: Rynx Sinfar
Dr Allopathy wrote:
Another requirement as a redditor

One of the more interesting things about Reddit is the cultural diversity. We have everything from neckbeard teens to fitness freaks (and the normalcy of the personality types between). We also know we have celebrities who stick around after being introduced. Arnold Schwartzeneger hangs around the fitness areas and recently resurfaced when people were arguing over fitness regimes (saying we're all here for the same thing, and to be open minded since there is more than one way). Will Weaton shows up here and there. We know that Zach Braff reddits and utilizes the more risque areas of Reddit. Also William Shatner is confirmed as hanging around the star trek areas, choosing to be a part of the community rather than doing shotgun style questions.

There are certainly problem areas which generally correspond with popularity of a subreddit, and many subreddits don't just evolve around the interest but the dominant personality types of those that get involved (not necessarily the common personality type, as like minds bunch together). There are "default" subreddits for new players which were recently changed. Reddits that are shown to both have a strong community, capable of growth and evolution, and capable admins can attain this honor and burden (due to the visibility and resulting problem people). Some that have declined in quality of content and culture have been taken off this list. When a group becomes disagreeable people will go find those with the same interests as well as same mindset, and it is also a culture that monitors itself such as the recent discovery that an admin in /r/adviceanimals owned the meme generating site most widely used... used because he was running bots and using his power to discourage other sites. That site is now banned across reddit.

We have areas dedicated to helping each other get motivated, areas dedicated to outward pettiness, areas dedicated to everything. So the image is one thing, but not the only one.

What territory? o.O Surely you must mean the station at 9-V?

There is no way to know where TEST will be when Nullsec opens to Dust because it could be a year from now. We do not have any reason to believe that TEST will become insignificant in the probably timeframes or disappear altogether. We align with them because they are metaphorical brothers in culture (similar to a home town), they are capable when called to be, and are fun when there is no need to be capable. For those reasons we think TEST has a bright future and we believe in our own future as well.

Random Gunz
#16 Posted: 2013.07.25 19:17
Oh, I figure they'll find a new home somewhere. ;)

This is what I was referring to:

Cozy station, thanks.

- Just some friendly thread harassment. =) Enjoy the bump.

CPM1 Elect. Thanks for all your support. for ideas, thoughts, and feedback.

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