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A Dust transition...

Gallente Federation
#1 Posted: 2017.09.01 17:54
Wow it's been a long time, but man I still miss this game and those who played it.

I have a question for anyone who's left and may remember when MAG shut down and the remaining player base transitioned over to Dust514. Since Dust has ended as well what would you want to see in a game if another was to emerge and pick up the torch?
Please be detailed if you wish to indulge in this question.

Thanks and hope to hear back Blink

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U.S.N.E. Army
#2 Posted: 2017.09.06 23:06
counter question: do you think there is a game currently that is similar to dust right now or close to it that could be transitioned to? I am looking myself to see if i can reconnect with old friends by sheer chance.

although it pains me to even remember the fun i had prior to its closing; DUST 514 was great for me solely for the reason that the kit customization (SUITS) were so in depth that you could spend the time to be good at any one thing for even 2 in just one suit.

maybe id like to see the vehicles come back cause i did dabble in being on both sides of the armored combat and having my tanks customized for any situation as well.

lastly the part that i found the most entertaining was single-handedly was near the end the high jumping with the dual blades (forgot the name) for assassinations

features like that are probably what id like to see.
Gallente Federation
#3 Posted: 2017.09.07 15:11  |  Edited by: Zion Shad
@TAP024 short answer, not really right now that I know of. Whats going on with me is I have a team put together and are working on "something". I Loved Dust514 and always believe it had concepts ahead of its time. I believe this is a great time to utilize some of those concepts in a new game and leverage the knowledge this community developed off of Dust514 that appears to be going to waist. So pretty much was looking for feedback to build a prototype and show it back if there is enough interest. So please if you like to see something keep the feedback coming. Working on systems and UI atm so like a equipment system. Unfortunately it isn't a FPS, but good thing there is still hope for Nova

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