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The Future of DUST 514

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DUST University
#1021 Posted: 2017.08.03 13:51
Ce'ell Stryfe wrote:
Unfortunately no, however*** a friend of mine has created a petition in hopes that we will get a demo of Nova using Dust to generate hype and promote Nova.
This will give former Dusters the chance to re-sharpen their skills on the grounds of New Eden and give new players the chance to gain standing themselves ( temporarily for everyone of course ).

Also, Though this may be alot to ask we would like too ask that when Nova is released, previous Dust players have their names, and corporations re-instated too them. Please take these into consideration.

* link :

Only 15 signers including me. Probably not going to rock CCP
#1022 Posted: 2017.08.05 21:45  |  Edited by: jett it
Honestly after all this time waiting bad things have happened!

I no longer feel the need to be apart of this community. Its like before I would check every day or two or three, but now i might check in once a month type thing.

I thought CCP would have been a little more professional and made the in between time a little more realistic like a few months or a year maximum, but its now just really annoying and seems like nothing was planned at all. Not saying the game wont release cause its pretty much a guarantee it will. The in between time is was hurts the most Would have been nice to still play dust while we waited even with one person running it and no updates while we waited, could of extended the psn deal just a bit longer for us but that went out the window long ago.

What is the point of a next chapter if that chapter is out dated with all this waiting?

Really feels like you have left your community high and dry. Now pretty much a year and a half later can we expect any type of a time frame?

How long do we have to wait before something happens?

The fanfest teaser was exactly that a teaser at best.

So you like teasing and taunting us CCP?

Even if the game released tomorrow, I wouldn't be playing it, well maybe :)

You can only get so many fatal errors before smashing your controller and then eventually your ps3. Or in novas case hopes and patience.

Any ways, dont take it the wrong way your still the best even after cutting us off.
Kang Lo Directorate
Gallente Federation
#1023 Posted: 2017.08.17 03:47  |  Edited by: JUWLA
Hello all, I hope you are well and that this finds you in good health.

Ce'ell Stryfe, thank you for your dedicated support with the updates. I am sure I am not alone in hopefully waiting for more information.

dread neocast, You are right, but still, as the saying goes, beggars are rich in hope and only that...

jett it, I agree with you mate, not a single thing you said that I have qualms with, but I have to say, we must remain hopeful.

Whenever they get around to it, we better be on their heels and make sure they know what we have to say. Every little comment, every complaint about delays, all of our grievances must be delivered to them, front and center, and really get it through to them that us veterans thought they were better than this.

They were different from the rest, they would respond to complaints and even entertain our ideas and implement them when they made the cut, they would even just drop in to game alongside us and fight the good fight as if we were one. I know I can't speak for everyone, but I think it would be safe to say that we appreciated them, and the feelings flowed both ways.

Perhaps they have fallen to hard times, perhaps they have set their eyes on bigger things, perhaps they think this will build anticipation, perhaps *etc*... All things considered though, this is most probably simply a misjudgement on the part of management, as is the case with most failed/delayed projects, and does not have any daresay 'sinister' intent behind it.

However, regardless of any of that, they fact of the matter is, all of this would be acceptable if they had been open with us with updates and status reports and the like after The Shutdown. Sure, no one would be 'happy' per say, but be it begrudgingly or eagerly, we all would wait until they were ready, and upon release we would retake arms and fall to old habits (of dominating or getting dominated) alongside players old and new with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

All I can say is; hope goes on undying, but all of these beggars? They are dying.


Hope it all goes well. o7
The First Sons
#1024 Posted: 2017.08.17 15:20
Hey, o7 all.
Thank you Juwla for the prompt replies to everyone and hopefully these all add insight too those at CCP.
Still no new info on anything. We haven't really heard anything since Hellmar's ( apologies if misspelled) statement of inquiry as to wether or not they are comitted, which they are. If it's still not released this year, let's see what they say in the future or perhaps at the next fanfest? Regardless I wish everyone the best in their trials and tribulations. May our community live on! o7

> For the future of New Eden, we must win. No matter the cost.

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