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Steam on consoles....

Ancient Exiles.
#1 Posted: 2017.06.19 18:50
So it appears steam is coming to XBOX.

Microsoft also pushing crossplay hard with nintendo and PC. (Sony so far opting out)

This is an interesting development. Could this be the beginning of a bridge between not only the consoles, but PC as well?

If that's the case, it is hypothetically possible that one day steam titles could be complety crossplay capable between all platforms.

EVE is available on steam. No reason Nova shouldn't be as well?


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#2 Posted: 2017.06.19 18:54  |  Edited by: One Eyed King

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#3 Posted: 2017.06.19 18:55
Not entirely unexpected. The architecture of consoles it moving to heavily resemble that of a PC.

I suspect "Steam Box" style consoles will be the norm within a couple generations.
#4 Posted: 2017.06.19 19:55
Talos Vagheitan wrote:
(Sony so far opting out)
This is Sony's new corporate mission statement. It's very frustrating. They are really pushing me away as a customer.
#5 Posted: 2017.06.19 21:53
Ripley Riley wrote:
Talos Vagheitan wrote:
(Sony so far opting out)
This is Sony's new corporate mission statement. It's very frustrating. They are really pushing me away as a customer.

Same I try to stick with my pc because of it
And that web browser...what is this 2004..needs an update
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#6 Posted: 2017.06.20 11:56
Consoles have only 2 advantages over PC.
1. Exclusive titles
2. Games are made to run under console's specs

But basically if you don't have the exclusives you have nothing. There's really no need for xbox now-a-days.

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#7 Posted: 2017.06.20 14:11  |  Edited by: byte modal
The push-me-over-the-fence factor for me ever buying a PS3 was the BR reader and streaming apps. Sure, my PC does all that, but I don't use (or didn't at the time) my PC as an entertainment hub. That and playing games online with a few specific friends that had already bought into the PS3.

I agree with the exclusives. That goes back to the original our old NES/Sega Master System wars. I cannot justify buying a PS4, as I see it just as a spec upgrade. I don't play games enough for that to be a factor. Not modern games at least. I have streaming already. I have a BR player. Even with the recent sales, I can't see having a gaudy chunk of gold plastic in my living room.

I do not see a wide enough gap in tech to justify the console divide except for brand loyalty. Sooner or later, they will all drop hardware for title licensing. Let it all live on one device. They would expand customer base to envelop those that can't buy two+ systems, and those that are just loyal to the other brands. It seems to me that that would be a more efficient and profitable route. Concede the console war and profit of software licensing instead. Then give it 5-10 years and start the cycle all over again with the next generation of consumers.

oh. i also wanted to mention that sometimes? I also want to drop a pile of steam on my console. i guess that's open enough for interpretation. carry on.

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