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Gonna bust this out for the next few months (New Dust Like Game)

Eternal Beings
#21 Posted: 2017.05.31 20:27
So frekin awesome! How much do you like a game to the point you recreate it yourself?

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#22 Posted: 2017.06.06 13:44
OP EDIT 4 Forums

Help Me Make Our Game!!

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#23 Posted: 2017.06.06 18:05
I don't like you and haven't since your scrub tactics in DUST; however, when I see this, I want to support you.

If this project turns out to be something similar to DUST, You're gonna see my name for sure. I hope this remains true and becomes something interesting. Been playing Ashes of Singularity and Angels Fall First for my entertainment mainly.

Complexity and diversity. This made me keep playing and coming back to DUST along with good corp mates.

Bring us what CCP tried to do. I'm rooting for you.

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EVE'S Best
#24 Posted: 2017.06.06 18:06
Looks great and I would love to play your game. Keep up the good work! I would donate to this Dust 514 like game. Your GODDESS out.

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Dead Man's Game
#25 Posted: 2017.06.18 11:53
I'll play to this game.
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