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#1 Posted: 2017.02.20 21:02
There is a proble, with your client, I can't log on and buy Aur. Plz fix

Your friendly Pub match logi

Imperium Eden
#2 Posted: 2017.04.05 20:39
Sadly it's not a bug... Sad

And you get a like! And you get a like! And you, and you, and you!

#3 Posted: 2017.06.05 16:30

kitten bacon taco (nom)

#4 Posted: 2017.06.05 17:11
But no 1,800 plus likes? I see how it is forum warriors.Evil

Your friendly Pub match logi

#5 Posted: 2017.06.05 17:20

kitten bacon taco (nom)

Fatal Absolution
#6 Posted: 2017.06.10 21:30
XxBlazikenxX wrote:
Sadly it's not a bug... Sad

When I logged in today I had like 20 notifications from you liking some of my old posts in the barbershop thread.

Nothing else to say, just thought it was funny. LolLolLol

No matter what. FAmily

Mercy may only be obtained in death. In other words; Fatal Absolution.

Ancient Exiles.
Bleeding Sun Conglomerate
#7 Posted: 2017.07.22 11:03
You're garbage Zatara, just the worst.
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