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this is what we need

#1 Posted: 2017.06.08 00:21
#2 Posted: 2017.06.08 00:48
One of their best trailers!


EvE - 21 Day Trial

#3 Posted: 2017.06.08 07:22
That prophecy was epic.

A epic failure.
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#4 Posted: 2017.06.08 08:07
My God... When I heard that CCP logo intro sound, I shed a tear, remembering Dust...

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#5 Posted: 2017.06.08 09:18
I remember thinking that was gonna be done his event. Bigger than Caldari Prime.

This was back when I was more hopeful, or optimistic. Maybe faded, as well. Now, it just saddens me.

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#6 Posted: 2017.06.08 14:29
Coming... 2028...

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Going for the gold
#7 Posted: 2017.06.08 15:10
Fox Gaden wrote:
Coming... 2028...

HA! You wish... it's actually 3028.

#NekosForLife ⎝◥▶‿‿◀◤⎠

When you think about it, nekos are like upgraded humans

Alma is a psycho I swear, send help

#8 Posted: 2017.06.08 17:34
It was a beautiful dream. I am sure some of those experiences can be captured between EVE, Valkyrie, and maybe even Nova but I don't ever see it actually ever coming together in such a way.
Maybe I am wrong.
Maybe integration is why Nova actually got moved to Iceland with the EVE team.
Unfortunately, I very much doubt it.

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#9 Posted: 2017.06.08 23:16
At the end of the video three games are there.

Eve online.
Eve Dust514
Eve Valkyrie.

Dust is dead.
That prophecy is dead.
#10 Posted: 2017.06.08 23:58
i am an eve pilot ,valkyrie fighter n former dust 514 ceo.
i miss the great fights with the best
come on CCP Frame,CCP Rattati
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