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[BosAc] Warclone Mercenaries Pledge Aid to Muttokon

Eskola Ergonomics
#1 Posted: 2017.02.14 01:19
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Concerning the Situation in Muttokon,

As things stand now, Muttokon lies only a few short jumps away from the Bosena Accords Headquarters and Warclone Refuge in Teonusude. Over the last several months during Operation Avalon, our operatives have been able to cache a multitude of different supplies and assets throughout the region in Molden Heath. As our primary area of operations, we've been working for some time now to us the immortal foot soldier to administer humanitarian aid across the cluster.

It's clear to me now that our services, and our services alone, are best suited towards the mission of administering aid to those afflicted and, if necessary, upholding law and order within the Muttokon Quarantine Zones. As warclones, we are cable of entering the area in closed, sterile dropsuits that protect us from any biological threat we might face. Should any of us become infected, or should any risk of the pathogine breaking containment arise, we are more than willing and able to self-terminate inside the quarantine zone to prevent carrying the disease and exposing others. Indeed, as Molden Heath was not long ago the site of one of the longest-lasting and most bloody wars between my kind many of us continue to call the region home. I find it curious that the empyreans, Republic Fleet, or CONCORD hadn't petitioned us mercenaries for aid immediately. (With the exception, of course, being my brave countrymen in the State Peacekeepers working diligently to keep the Myrskaa City outbreak contained.)

Regardless of why this is, the men and women of the Bosena Accords shall hereby pledge to offer our services however as needed. Be that by continuing our mission of rebuilding the war-torn regions on the ground or by taking a more active role in controlling and treating this outbreak. We offer these services free of charge, in an effort to make amends for the conflicts we have sparked and damages we have caused.

Over the last several years, I've grown rather fond of the people of the Heath. Though at first I did not understand them, we mercenaries have lived side by side with the natives since the Minmatar Republic and CONCORD authorized the war for Planetary Conquest. I can't sit idle by while thousands of them die in a box at the fringe of space. I hope for their sake, and for the sake of humanity, that CONCORD and the greater part of New Eden let us put aside our past and work to help stop this infection.


Galm Eskola-Fae
The Bosena Accords
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