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Planetside 2

First Guard War Elites
#1 Posted: 2017.01.10 04:57  |  Edited by: Almost Gotcha Again
Looking for some one to play planetside 2 on ps4 with so if any ex dusters are interested just hit me up! Vanu for the win! But seriously I am on central time and in school Tuesday and Thursdays so hope to hear from you soon. *__* Oh and have a mic that you actually use like maybe the one that came with your P4 for free........ My in game name is BronzeSpear. PS ID is Bronze_Spear
#2 Posted: 2017.01.10 17:59  |  Edited by: MEGA MAN7
Will be tough for me living in the CET time zone to play with you. But I'll definitely send you a friend request as soon as I get to play PS4 again Big smile (very busy right now)

P.S: I'm a noob in Planet Side 2 XD
#3 Posted: 2017.01.11 04:45
Played it for a bit . got boring pretty quick , slaying is to easy . pretty balanced game with very few issues . I hop on it once a while . trying to get into OverWatch & BF1 this month .

( F U!!!! ) * ( Why Dead? )

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