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Old dust 514 videos

Royal Uhlans
Amarr Empire
#1 Posted: 2017.01.10 00:43
Good bye Dust 514 44minutes of fav dust vids

Check out my Dust 514 Game Captures and what I'm playing now!

Corrosive Synergy
#2 Posted: 2017.01.11 03:00
This is what it's all about.
44 minute video of a logi that remained loyal to his corp through time and still has all the memories.
Well done sir o7
514 to PS4
#3 Posted: 2017.01.14 18:16
I enjoyed watching Whiskey's DUST videos. The camaraderie was so evident, almost felt like I came to know players like Whiskey, Southern Cowboy, Her Nibs, Gunther Shorter and others.

Even though GAM shared time in GTA with my corp for a while, i never did have the opportunity to squad up with any of these folks.

I remember watching Whiskey's struggles with ISK management, wincing as he stripped down his fits because he didn't have enough ISK to fully restock. Always intended to send him some ISK but I don't think I ever remembered to do that when I was on-line.

o7 Whiskey! I still watch your videos from time to time. Best of luck to you!
Corrosive Synergy
#4 Posted: 2017.01.15 02:54
Didn't have time to watch the whole vid, but loved every bit of what I did see! That was what this game was about in this video! I think for me and many was for the love of the team play and coming together as a squad, or PC team. I haven't experienced that kind of game play since the last day on dust! Best in game chats and mail ever! I will miss dearly, hope shoot again with my Corsy group in the future. Thanks for this video.

When in doubt pull the forge out!! But we are all dead so who cares!

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