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[BOSAC] Teonusude Warclone Refuge Citadel

Eskola Ergonomics
#1 Posted: 2017.01.09 05:48  |  Edited by: Galm Fae
Today, the Bosena Accords has taken our first major step in Operation Avalon by establishing our first permanent foothold in space. Through great effort and massive personal expense from our signatories we have succeeded in extending our reach to the stars from the shattered and war-torn tribal nations below.

Situated in the nearby system of Teonsude along a well-traveled spaceline, the Bosena Accords Warclone Refuge will act as our staging area for our operations in Molden Heath as we continue our quest to reconnect with cut off and stranded mercenaries on distant planets, build up the warclone community, and bring law and order to Molden Heath. With two seperate space-superiority missile batteries, a full electronic warfare suite, a rapid-replication and manufacturing plant, a standalone Clone Reanimation Unit lab capable of producing legions of prefabricated warclones, a docking bay capable of servicing a flotilla of warbarges, and a massive fighter wing staff by some of the most seasoned veteran pilots of the pendulum war the Warclone Refuge stands as the first major hub where our kind can rally to in the hopes of building a better future. While it pales in comparison to the machinations of major empyrean alliances it will serve as a constant reminder of our existence in the face of CONCORD and every other major agency that, at one point or another, wished to see us eradicated.

The christening itself was rather unceremonious, with a handful of our most dedicated signatories and pilots sympathetic to our cause congregating together to haphazardly launch a cluster of nanites that would begin the process of assembling the superstructure to our citadel. So it came to be that as the process began and the structure started to form our kind crowded together on three small ships at the edge of civilized space drinking, singing songs, and reminiscing of battles passed and rivals long lost to history. In the absence of fireworks (I had a convoy sent for that exact reason, but it had been ganked by local thugs before arriving in system) and with the encouragement of liquor one of us came to the decision to fire off a volley of unguided rockets at each other to mark the event. Shortly thereafter, a CONCORD patrol arrive on scene to enforce punishment for the unsanctioned action. Though one of our ships was lost to their patrol for a brief shining moment we stood there laughing together joyously while, seemingly under police escort, our citadel was being born.

I, Galm Eskola-Fae, on behalf of The Bosena Accords wish to extend an invitation to all immortal infantry scattered across New Eden to join us here at the Warclone Refuge. Here, you will find sanctuary and a new family dedicated reunifying the mercenary community and returning us to our former glory. Here, you will find a place where all are welcome. A place that, if the Maker wills it, will continue to grow until the day that we can once again reclaim the planets where we once shed so much blood, this time as a single faction dedicated to the betterment of immortals everywhere. Here, you can live a life outside the constant cycle of death, war, and destruction.

Welcome home, old friends.

Rich Hipster // BOSENA ACCORDS

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