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The Future of DUST 514

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#981 Posted: 2016.12.22 09:29
Da Christmas is coming very fast without dust I think that I can't forget every single Corp till now all of the community was sharing and giving their officer stuff including me to everybody ,best wishes,HaPPy NeW YeaR 😍😘

Digging for dust copy. 😍😘😘😍😍

Praga Verde
#982 Posted: 2016.12.26 04:12
Very sad because I have been unable to fire my favorite weapons since that day...

I would really like to explore the maps again on my PS3, even if the the server remain offline. I am certain that the people who loved this game would too!!!

CCP, could you give us an offline mode? Make many mercenaries happy.


Condotta Rouvenor
Gallente Federation
#983 Posted: 2016.12.28 08:29
Dust 514 needs to reshape its engine for all platforms as well as changing the formula of the game altogether for maximum enjoyment

PC and Console players should have equal benifits

*I fight not just for a paycheck I fight because i want to it joys me to see the bloodshed of those who deny us peace

The First Sons
#984 Posted: 2017.01.05 10:07
I wander.... how many of our fellow Dusters still actually try to launch the game or still have it in our consoles.... And if we do, is CCP laughing at us ? I think it'd be kinda funny really.
Crux Special Tasks Group
Gallente Federation
#985 Posted: 2017.01.05 11:09
I have and I keep it as long as my PS3 lives on.
The First Sons
#986 Posted: 2017.01.06 23:43
I can say the same. But there is an interesting little post on Dust 514's page on fb. I can't say for sure if it's real or a joke. But. Still interesting.
#987 Posted: 2017.01.07 16:18
I saw it to alot says it's a trustful website and the post says dust coming in 21/2/2017 (dust fever)

Digging for dust copy. 😍😘😘😍😍

#988 Posted: 2017.01.07 19:11
Wait. You mean the post from ...May?

kitten bacon taco (nom)

The First Sons
#989 Posted: 2017.01.07 23:33
it's not from may. And i'm not sure but i see a few people here and there Are saying the game is making a comeback.
#990 Posted: 2017.01.08 00:46
The last post on the dust514 facebook page was in may. Perhaps a link to something you're reading?

kitten bacon taco (nom)

#991 Posted: 2017.01.24 18:26
After Dead,we will return?

Hey Guys!! LOL Dust 514 is down


The First Sons
#992 Posted: 2017.02.07 03:04
Hey you guys if you're ever looking for someone to play with hit me up. My psn username is Dark_S3nt1nal.

On another note. Who wants to help me flame that fake a** Facebook page?
#993 Posted: 2017.02.08 23:50  |  Edited by: ortiga
I wanna get that facebook page to hell but for no go check Heracles porshe,s vid it's about some series talking about dust 😄

Digging for dust copy. 😍😘😘😍😍

The Iberian Norsemen
Soldiers of TIN
#994 Posted: 2017.02.10 04:32
I miss using my massdriver.

Nothing cures bad aim like a mass driver...

The First Sons
#995 Posted: 2017.02.21 12:26
I can relate man... though mostly use rail rifles and sniper rifles on some APEX suits. Those Burst assault rifles were really good too.
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