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Bosena Accords :: Operation Avalon

Eskola Ergonomics
#1 Posted: 2016.12.04 01:41  |  Edited by: Galm Fae
(The following is an information leak, sent auspiciously from the warclone community to the major heads of a number of large humanitarian organizations.)

Following weeks in intense fighting on the planet Bosena IX it has become increasingly apparent to myself any my lieutenants that the battle for Bosena IX will likely take much longer than I may have originally anticipated. Bosena, being the location of our headquarters, was chosen specifically to host the founding of the Accords due to its close proximity to hi-sec and the symbolic fact that Bosena IX was easily one of the planets most effected by the ecological impact of widescale orbital bombardment. Indeed, it is precisely the arid environment, low atmospheric pressure, and severly lack of much of any foliage to speak of that has made Bosena IX so difficult to unify. Though I have tried extensively to rally local militia to our cause, it is simply unrealistic to believe that we could ever lay claim to the rest of the planet without serious offworld support.

While many independent mercenaries have pledged supplies, this alone will not be enough to sway the odds in our favor or give us the ability to project power across Molden Heath. For this, we would need to rely on the placement of a permanent base of operations in orbit around the planet to both manage the war and to act as a forward base for the rest of the region. For this, we need to erect a citadel. The idea itself was not an old one, with many other warclone clans previously attempting to organize themselves so they could build a military staging area were fellow mercenaries could rally to and act as a de facto capital for the mercenary community. While previous attempts have failed, I believe that with luck we may be able to build the very first Warclone Refuge where mercenaries of all stripes may call home.

The current plan, to build a home for these mercenaries that had been abandoned planetside after the TacNet shutdown, is called Operation Avalon.

It is my hope that, with enough support from allied capsuleers, we may be able to secure a permanent foothold in Bosena by building a citadel in or in the region around Bosena. This is no easy task. Molden Heath is, in all seriousness, an infamously bad neighborhood to set up a corporation. With Bosena especially acting as the closest system to neighboring Teonusude, gate camps and raids happen incredibly often and would be a serious dampener on any plans to build up any longstanding infrastructure. Even if we managed to build a series of defenses, it'd be almost impossible to hold the region without constant support from a capsuleer fleet, a luxury that the Accords does not have access to.

True enough with the emergence of Alpha clone technology it may be easy for a number of our immortal soldiers to create a capsuleer copy of themselves with relative ease, however according to a loophole in CONCORD policy pertaining to the differences in cloning technology the resulting capsuleer and the pervious soldier would legally be considered two distinct entities without any easy way of transferring memories between them. While this method has been rumored to be adopted by a few soldiers as a way of avoiding the "one mind, one body" rule I reasoned that it was best we avoid this entirely unless absolutely necessary.

Instead, I have decided that the only way to successfully execute such an endeavor we must either forge an alliance with the local pirates (something I am willing to explore, but hesitant to rely on) or draw the support of a few larger factions to carry out this operation.

Proposed Support Members:

  • The Villore Assembly:

  • Unbenounced to a number in the mercenary community, the Bosena Accords were originally created with the intent to act as our own version of the Villore Assembly. A natural ally of our organization, their vast resources would go a long way towards building up the Accords. Unfortunately some animosity currently exists between the mercenary community and the Assembly due to their involvement in ending the Jin Mei civil war, an act that fractured many of the largest mercenary corporations and left countless others unemployed.

  • The Sixth Empire:

  • As with the Villore Assembly, much animosity exists between the Bosena Accords and the Sixth Empire due to their involvement in the events known as the Twenty-One Gun Riots. Though the reason for their involvement is still unclear and communication has been minimal, they appear to show genuine interest in working with the Accords in support of Operation Avalon. Their extensive buildup of military troops, both on the ground and in space, would make them a massive help in the fight to secure Bosena. HONK, one of their largest corporations built up from one-time mercenaries, is based in nearby Weld.

  • SFRIM:

  • As one of the largest humanitarian organizations in New Eden, it would be easy to convince them to join our cause by stressing in importance of Operation Avalon in bringing order to Molden Heath and in providing a permanent residences to countless displaced warclones.

While more information information exists on potential allies, phases of Operation Avalon, and more information on the construction of our citadel, much of it is in flux and exists on a need-to-know basis for Bosena signatories. For now, stand by for tasking.

Rich Hipster // BOSENA ACCORDS

Chatelain Rapid Response
Gallente Federation
#2 Posted: 2016.12.05 06:53
Hopefully more work will come out of this, working security pays the bills but it is much more dull than combat

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