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---------DUST514 ENDED as of MAY 30, 2016---------

#1 Posted: 2016.06.02 17:36  |  Edited by: GM Archduke
Sorry for those of you who were unaware. Please read the following announcement on The Future of Dust.

If you are still seeing users online, please note that that count is based only on currently active EVE-Online players, and no longer includes DUST 514 mercs.

I hate to see it go (as many of us do), but the game has been closed. If you haven't noticed, the domain now points directly to the community forums instead of the old home page promoting the game. If you are interested, you are all more than welcome to join the rest of us few remaining players over in the General Discussions for any updates on Project NOVA, smack talking each other, or random bits of whatever comes to mind during our collective withdrawal fits.

If not, I wish you well in whatever game community you set out to be part of now.

DUST514 Discord
Dust514 Forums
EVE-Online Forums
In case you have open support tickets

All the best,

- bm (*giggles* I typed "BM")
PirateTwistedBig smile

P.S. Feel free to add more references as needed, or to update anything that may need corrections.

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#2 Posted: 2016.06.06 14:06
Bump because people are still missing this....

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#3 Posted: 2016.06.06 16:09
Sticky now, and red tagged.

GM Archduke

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#4 Posted: 2016.06.06 16:24
Holy hell! I didn't mean MY post.
Awe shucks... I feel all warm n squishy inside.
I never made it to forum warrior level 1 Sad but I'll totally take a red tag and sticky in trade.
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thanks, mate.

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