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#1 Posted: 2016.05.18 01:52
Good Day,

Just some comments and a suggestion or two regarding the new game.

There were two kinds of game. Dust on PS3 and Eve Online for PC.

Dust was free to play and had "for a fee" add ons and Eve was a monthly fee and I'm assuming "for a fee" add ons.


There were very broadly two kinds of players. For Dust, I'm guessing, younger more affluent ones and all ages and income levels that were grinders.

Eve Online has a minimum amount of money you have to pay to play.

The new game seems to be more like Eve Online, there will be a minimum amount monthly / quarterly / yearly to play, i don't know this, I'm assuming you will set it up more like Eve.

Part of the Dust player base won't pay this kind of fee or can't or can only pay it occasionally.


But you have to pay the Sony Online fee, the $50. yeah, true, but that might be spread around two or three ps3 users and it works for dozens / hundreds of games. It also works for ps4 and their handheld devise.


Suggestion time. setup a lower monthly fee tier or a no fee tier, but limit the number of matches they can play at a time. Each day they can only play 3-4-5 free matches and it takes 60 minutes or 120 minutes to build up another free match.

They can speed up the process through fees or through (using Dust terms) SP or WP success. Say getting 5,000 SP in a match cuts off 5 minutes off the next matched earned timer .

Better players, that are grinders, can play more often or anyone that pays can play more often.


The current player base may or may not have a computer that will run the new game. Then, you shrink the base again if they have to pay more for the privilege.

I know that servers cost money. Programmers have to eat and pay rent and so forth.

Keep the grinders in mind.. You have a built in base of players. They are the ones most likely to try the new game out, don't forget them.

Thanks for reading this.
DUST University
#2 Posted: 2016.05.19 00:36
There are no 'for a fee addons' in Eve Online. No, PLEX doesn't count as those are designed to combat illegal RMT operations in Eve and they are always tradeable for ISK. The AUR items can be purchased using AUR that is gained from converting PLEX to AUR.

Unless of course you want to count ISK as part of the fee. In that case the Orca that cost me around 760 million ISK on the secondary market has been one big fee this whole time.

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#3 Posted: 2016.05.23 00:17
The tinfoil here glitters with amazing potentia lt teeters on the razor's edge of serious post and sh*tpost. I cannot rightly say which I hope it is, for either way...

It could be pure magic.

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