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Rumors part 2: Terminal boogaloo.

The Bastard Brigade
#1 Posted: 2016.04.27 03:17
So, after I left off last,((

I was sent out to patrol to "cool your heels before you stab a cook." Just like every single patrol, it was uneventful. Save only for the odd footfall, which I dismissed as servants or townspeople going about their business.

Until I got to the outskirts. just like always, I sat on the little cliff and contemplated simply running. And putting down as many of those bastards from concord as I could when they caught up, enough for them to simply get rid of me. Footstep, grinding sliding on the embankment.

Turning quickly, I drew my pistols on a cloud of dust. and some rather clear slide-prints in the hillside, silence, a tiny rockfall from the left side, amateur using civilian tech. I fired warning shots "Whoever you are, you're terrible at sneaking." The field was disabled.

Neres-Cila, why had she followed me, and why had she done so in such an odd manner? "Why would you do that?! You almost killed me!"

"Why would you sneak up on me?! You know the entire reason your mother hired me was to handle quiet threats, like people slinking around in stealth rigs!"

"I was worried. You stormed out, grumbling about finally leaving."

"Well, maybe you're better at sneaking than I thought. Oh, and you don't know this but that lord whats-his-face left a sealed note with the lady. maybe you've got a suitor."

"EUGH. Guy's like three times my age and change."

"Aww, and I thought amarrians loved old things. Anyways, I don't feel stabby anymore so I'm heading back."

She turned the stealth field back on and I walked beck to my quarters. Noticeably fewer footfalls.

My unhappiness is just a proof I'm not insane.

The Bastard Brigade
#2 Posted: 2016.05.01 04:34
On my return, security reported a late cook. Now, we have a formal procedure for this, gather everyone for a head count. All hands accounted for, the cook in question claiming that he was late due to familial affairs. When questioned on his failure to notify anyone about his tardiness, he replied that he ran to work and thought he was on time.

His home was almost a kilometer out. not a sign of road dust on his pants, no sweat, and he wasn't even breathing hard.

I shouted "Present tracking chip!" and all staff stuck out their right hand, as practiced while I grabbed a scanner from under my coat. The cook's eyes fell, "so, who are you really?"

"You should know, traitor" as he stabbed me in the gut with a hidden knife. Immediately, I grabbed his shoulder and headbutted him, grabbed Love and emptied her clip into his chest.

Never even saw the shooter.

Took one to the temple. Luckily The Lady and I did agree on one security measure: Should my vitals zero out, an automatic lockdown protocol is triggered.

"So, what did my servant do to trigger you thi-" Lady Jaynara tried to joke, through my intercom.

"NOT NOW. We are under assault, Safe room. Now!"

"Security broadcast. All staff and personnel, this is not a drill. Emergency positions."

My unhappiness is just a proof I'm not insane.

The Bastard Brigade
#3 Posted: 2016.05.01 06:19
((I apologize if the writing goes a tiny bit downhill. just realized what month it was and that I left the story hanging.))

My unhappiness is just a proof I'm not insane.

The Bastard Brigade
#4 Posted: 2016.05.03 03:02
Unknown angle on that shot, unknown enemy combatants, just that they've infiltrated the staff.

"Bravo team, Initiate staff sweep protocol. If they hesitate, put them down. Alpha team, locate and secure packages. Charlie, sniper is in play, activate projectors and watch."

As confirmations came in I left my quarters. damn near ran into Djabak.

"Sir! Where do I report to?" Kid was in combat gear. damn near tipped himself over.

"The safe room."

"I can fight! I've trained fo-"

"NO. You have not. You've pointed guns at holo targets and sparred with slaves. You are a greater risk to yourself and the team than any munitions right now. If you want an assignment, then you are your mother's guard."

Just then, a servant came around the corner. I grabbed Djabak and threw him to the floor behind me. Drawing my magsec "Present tracking chip!" They immediately drew a pistol and shot, sparking off my shields. painted a mural of viscera from their chest.

armor piercing, definitely expecting entrenched amarr presence, shield stopped it cold.

Djabak looked seconds away from vomiting. "See. Now move out, I'm sending you because you're the only one I can trust who knows the right end of a gun."

He looked dejected for a moment, then took off towards the safe room.

"Alpha team, Package in transit to main office"

I moved towards the foyer. Something was off about these fighters, they were obviously well trained, coordinated, and equipped. Why were these mortals throwing their lives away so quickly?

My unhappiness is just a proof I'm not insane.

The Bastard Brigade
#5 Posted: 2016.05.07 04:24
The defenses were active before I arrived, Bravo team was under fire.

Hit the column at the end of the hallway. "Bravo team, situation?"

"Under fire, they're using armor piercing rounds, we can't peek without them putting out a volley of fire."

"Noted. is anyone alive near the turret up top?"

"Yes, but he'll die before he can even get to it!"

Popping out from cover, there were 3 of them, combat gear. The heavy hitters were here. shields took a beating.

"Count to 5, then get him in motion, I'll distract them, put them down"

Shields were already charged. these guns were terrible for shielding. Probably matari in origin judging from the sound and purpose. Drawing my pistols and charging from cover towards the raised cover in the room "Trifsho'yto!"

The guy on the turret was dead before I even reached cover.

Comms came to life "What was that!?"

"Sorry about that. was playing out a hunch, I hate being right. keep your heads down"

Putting my pistols back in their respective holsters, I put my hands up "If you spare the Jaynara family, I will go willingly."

"Throw your weapons out!" Damnit. All those years of careful avoidance. I threw my pistols out to each side.

"All of them" Smart. I tossed my SMG, pulled my lucky knife out of my boot and threw it to the floor.

The leader motioned to his underling, they walked up, and the big one bashed my face in with the end of his gun "That was for Celechele." No more doubts. these weren't bounty hunters or pirates or an uprising. "06 recover the asset. You may do as you wish with the traitor after."

As I was dragged to my feet and towards the door, a familiar shimmer near the column. "Must be the caldari in me."

"What was that, scum?" I headbutted the brute and got a knee to the kidneys. Just a few more inches. I came around with a backhand to the leader and got a shot to the gut barrel pressed in to bypass the shielding. keeled over. "guess the caldari in you can't take a little pain." a boot on my head.

shots rang out and they fell to the floor. Neres-Cila made it to my gun. She yelped in pain, clone weaponry recoil. Probably a broken shoulder.

I finished bleeding out.

"Alpha team, package in foyer, injured. Hostiles dead, rendezvous with Bravo and extract."

My unhappiness is just a proof I'm not insane.

The Bastard Brigade
#6 Posted: 2016.05.11 07:13
I stepped out of the pod in my leisure clone once more.

"All hands, clear corners and report in."

"Charlie reporting in, nothing on scanners, no shots against holo decoys"

"affirmative, their sniper has been eliminated in the skirmish in the foyer"

"Bravo, we took some casualties but that stunt saved us. Neres-Cila has been stabilized. Awaiting Alpha team for pickup."

Minutes pass. the manor is large, but not that large.

"Alpha. Report now."

nothing. Contingency plan on their part probably.

"Bravo, Charlie, Converge in foyer, Neres is primary defensive. Alpha is assumed KIA, and I'm investigating. Fortify, cover each entrance, and switch your visors to electroscopic settings." The one hole in their cloaking was that even when off, they sucked down juice like a drain.

I moved to the door of the safe room. All the locks were intact and engaged. So whoever's in there, this was an inside job. "Override code: Apex 27539" The locks disengaged and the door slid open."

Pistols drawn I stepped into the room. The new hire, of damn course. Had the lady as a hostage, Alpha was littered around. Djabak was curled against the wall. still twitching. at least he's alive.

"So, you finally came calling and this was your great plan to catch the terrorist of terminal 6-c?"

"We're eagles, we'll tear you apart. A minor hiccup won't stop us. This is just more tactical data for when we do kill you." She had some kind of needles in her hand, poisoned most likely. Have to play this calm, make sure she can't use them before I can line up the shot.

"I tend to get up from that."

"I noticed. Drop the guns."

"No." Djabak was coming to.

"I will kill her." She pulled the needles closer

"and I'll make sure you have a closed casket. Her alive is the only way you're getting out alive, chick." The old name for rookies.

Her eyes narrowed "Capturing you will put me in command's good graces even with this sloppy op."

"they even tell you about your target?"

"Some ***** with a clone guard that command wanted alive"

"The terrorist of terminal 6-c. One of the only Eagles to flee the nest and succeed. A fighter with lifetimes of combat experience."

"So you're a traitor too! Drop the guns last warning!" I dropped the gun in my left hand.

"Oh you got me, still I can't leave if she doesn't say so. Gotta make the lady say the magic words." As soon as she focussed on trying to threaten Miss Jaynara again, I kicked the gun over to Djabak and shot her hand. the needles cascaded to the ground she pulled the Lady in front of herself for a shield and Djabak took the shot from behind her. Commendable for a first kill, clean to the base of the skull with a scrambler pistol.

"Medical to safe room. Also, janitorial" As Djabak wretched his guts up on the floor. "Yeah, that smell takes getting used to."

"Lady Jaynara, Are you unharmed?"

"Mostly." as I helped her back to her feet "Well, you can tell me all about how you were right."

"I was, but I'm also excessively paranoid under all the snark, Miss."

"That's...oddly refreshing." She said with a somewhat quizzical but relieved look on her face.

"yeah. Sometimes it's nice to just be nice. Everyone's accounted for, Neres should be fine."

"What happened to her!?" The sudden outburst startled me

"She saved my ass, but the recoil from the weapon broke her shoulder, far as I could tell."

"You never get to live that down." She said with a smile on her face as the medical staff arrived.

My unhappiness is just a proof I'm not insane.

The Bastard Brigade
#7 Posted: 2016.05.14 04:11
Skip to about a few months later, and Neres-Cila's in her wedding gown. That letter was for the lord's son, nice kid. Kind to the staff.

"So, amarr courtship seems to run pretty quick, doesn't it?" I said, Pulling on my tie. Damn business nooses.

"It's a means to an end, the fact that they like each other is a luxury rarely afforded. Why have you stayed on?" Lady Jaynara said as she pulled the tie straight for the third time. She declared the terms of my imprisonment fulfilled a month after the attack.

"You've read my file, I'm capricious on a good day." Didn't want to admit that I'd actually grown attached to these people. "And you did ask me nicely to attend the ceremonies."

"there was no one else to walk her down the aisle." Letting that matter-of-fact tone slip for just a moment. "since Djabak joined the imperial navy proper." Kid joined up two weeks after the attack. Last I heard he was on a Harbinger class battlecruiser, working his way up the chain through solid performance.

"Yup, he'll do well. Hope he doesn't get puke on the commander's chair." We shared a laugh "I think I might miss this" It wasn't a lie, the calm, the relative kindness. If I ever did settle down, this would be a nice spot for it.

"Well. Those quarters don't really have much use since you bankrolled new homes for the servants" Damn my softening heart. "so they might just be available if you ask nicely."

I checked my watch "Time for one last song and dance, you ready?"

"Of course"

The ceremony was beautiful. The two of them beaming like stars, all the flowers, and that cake. Could've hidden a crate of weapons in it. There was dancing, and food, and drinking until the sun got low.

The next morning, my transport had arrived, and was waiting.

"So, where will you go after this?" The Lady asked almost like she'd miss me or something.

"Ah who knows, the winds of war take me to all kinds of interesting little places to die." I said, trying to mask that this was almost as bad as leaving my old home.

"Well, wherever you end up know that you can always come home." She said, handing me a small amarrian charm on a string.

"My home burned when the Shigeru came down." I heaved a sigh "But" I pulled my pistol love((the right hand one)) and tied the charm onto the small ring under the grip "I'll always be happy to provide security here" With a flourish, I tucked her back in her holster, kissed Lady Jaynara on the cheek, and walked towards the shuttle.

Thus ends the story of the wandering Heathen, banished to amarrian space.

My unhappiness is just a proof I'm not insane.

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