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for the last of us who TRY to play dust

ZEN KILL Society
#1 Posted: 2016.03.11 16:19
get rid of your stupid broken matchmaking, use the 'anomaly testing grounds' way of choosing battles, so fed up and tired of waiting 8 or more minutes on so called 17sec timers, just to join either an almost over loosing battle, or the side that's got half the players of the other, or where the reds hide in the mcc, especially as less and less each day play dust, so for once put the PLAYERS ahead of what the dev's and cpm's think and let us play, and quit thinking dust is 'job done', cause if any of you cpm's or devs, still played regularly (or at all), you would know this already, but what do i know, only on every day, but what do i know

too busy playing

#2 Posted: 2016.04.16 08:54
People still play Dust? Thought everyone would've just quit by now lol
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