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Warning to all mercenaries

#1 Posted: 2016.02.05 07:29  |  Edited by: ReGnYuM
I am currently sending this transmission from one my corporations secure bunker in Molden Heath. I plan to go off the grid and into hiding after this message.

Something is systemically wiping out clone soldiers. Two weeks ago I was asked by one of my former comrades to take part in raiding a Blood Raider temple. The operation at first went flawless, the temple was quickly infiltrated and the targets eliminated. I was tasked with eliminating a communication relay station and was about 3.5 miles away from the temple.

As we began to signal for extraction the primary temple was repeatably hit with multiple focused Laser Orbital strikes. At First I even laughed, if anybody had the guts to OB their own installation it was the blood raiders. Furthermore I wasn't that worried, every member of the raiding party was at least running second gen clone tech.

Then the comms got weird, it did not feel like a standard jamming and it gave me an aching headache. More importantly, my comrades never came back. I was then hunted by a task force of soldiers geared in Minmatar, Gallente, and Amarrian tech. For six days I evaded patrols and finally managed to stow away in a mining vessel.

My Amarrian and Concord contacts have completely cut ties with me, and my name no longer appears on the record of service for the Imperial Guard.

I have survived worse and I plan to survive this. Good luck and trust no one
Corrosive Synergy
#2 Posted: 2016.02.20 19:20
Audio Log Start
"It's Concord, they seem to have made a decision to kill us off.

I thought they were just flipping a killswitch like Gen 1.

Looks like they've heard news of us hiding, and are sending troops after us.

Looks like I'll be sending some Concord bastards to Hell.

Shite, looks like they're here for me now."

Footsteps, clanking sounds and gunfire are heard as well as screams.

"Better luck ne-"
Static as the Audio log ends.
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