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"A Mad Clone's Mind"

Poseidon's Tavern
#1 Posted: 2016.01.11 21:07
Today is the 11th of January XXXX year.

.... I'm mad yes, but only because I love DUST so much that it drives me CRAZY.
Anyways, This is a personal Log I just started just to get things sorted out in my no longer "Original" Brain-matter.
I woke up to a thought that was swirling around me for quite some bit. And it was about how I was once again, alone looking to find satisfaction in battles where I was able to express my unrestrained destructive Impulses, but also my more serene thoughts of Tactics and Strategies implemented to my Combat-Style.
Yes, most of them I fail miserable over and over by dying in horrendous stupid mistakes like, staying in the wide open for too long, in a VERY heavy Sentinel with no long-range capabilities, literally saying to all who finds me "Here is a Tasty Meat-bag for you to shoot at, that can't run away because I'm FAT!!!"

For the most part as it happens now, I only get like a "Well, I died again eh?", as a last thought before i fall to the ground.
But, my Strategist Persona then tells me to pay attention to my Shooter's Name, Health Status, range and its Direction where it took place, so that I can upon Revival get my Revenge on my Perpetrator and his/her associates to feel my Rage... if only I had any left that is.

For now, I shall return to my Duties (like I have any as a Merc who can't die) and make me some more ISK and SP as I can.

Personal Log A0-0001 out.

"May my Weapons be ready, my Shields energized, my Armor hardened, so that I can laugh in Joy as you die"

Guardians of gehenna
#2 Posted: 2016.01.12 04:51
A average day in dust for me <3
Poseidon's Tavern
#3 Posted: 2016.01.12 21:15
Log Date: 12. 1. XXXX

Personal Log A0-0002

Last night was more quiet than usual. I hoped that it would be a Fan-Fest of Dead Clone Bio-Matter splattered on my many Missions but alas, I only got to see few other Mercs to make a A Dirt-Castle made of the Ground materials and Bio-Matter leftovers.

Instead, I spent my majority of time to develop new Battle Plans on my Gallente MQ's Screens and VR Table on how to deal with the overzealous Radicals like, Frontline Assaults who clearly, are high on biotics and what not, suiciding on enemy Supply-Zones just for the sake of either getting 1 more soldier or calling out tthe whole opposite Squadron to come out.

In conclusion, I only was able to figure out maybe 4 different situational Solutions, that depend on the Ground Formation of the Terrain.
So close your Eyes and Read my Face-Helmet if you can, my dis-honored fellow Mercs.

Ahh, my poor Storage Units who are neglected for a long time now, you shall have all my attention of getting you back in cleaned and polished condition like when the Space-Station you were built in.

Hopefully, I still can get a Contract or 2 in for the night... Clean-Up & Maintenance Materials aren't cheap you know?

Personal Log A0-0002 out.

"May my Weapons be ready, my Shields energized, my Armor hardened, so that I can laugh in Joy as you die"

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