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The rumors of my demise have been wildly exaggerated

Helix Evolution I.W.C
#21 Posted: 2015.08.09 16:48

Closed Beta Vet.

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The Bastard Brigade
#22 Posted: 2015.10.31 04:08
Sorry about my absence, damn terminal was on the fritz. I think I somehow made it angry.

(my computer spontaneously started acting up and *fingers crossed* has started functioning normally again.)

My unhappiness is just a proof I'm not insane.

The Bastard Brigade
#23 Posted: 2015.10.31 04:55
Chapter two: Cloaks and Daggers.

After waiting until all the stuffed shirts were away, I spoke with Miss Jaynara "Really? I'm needed for all the meetings? I almost wished they'd biomassed me instead of putting me here."

"That's still an option. Again, you're here as security, more so as a reminder than a fighter." She'd explained this point to death already. Never hurts to try and pester an ammarian into seeing my viewpoint, eh True?

I made a rolling motion with my hand to keep her talking, the door hadn't closed. These holder types were boring, but nothing if not predictable. every, single, meeting, the last one out closed the door behind them, audibly, a show that the discussion was concluded and they could be shown out by the servants.

Some kid. probably a new servant, looking for a boot to lick. Pinned 'em to the wall.

"You are not supposed to be here. Why are you here?"

With almost practiced meekness She said "I-I'm sorry. One of our guests w-wanted me to deliver this to Lady Jaynara." She held up a letter with a telltale embossing.

"Put her down now."


After sorting that out and sending her on her way "Why did you do that? Almost gave the poor girl a heart attack."

"She started it. Kept the door from closing, coulda been an assassin for all I know."

"She's half my size, wearing my uniform, and tripped over her own feet on the way out the door."

"I could have ten of those uniforms, from ten different manufacturers, with different hidden pockets. within two days. Off the top of my head I could make enough poisons to kill every single person at that boring meeting, untraceable, without repeating one."

"I don't need a lecture. I just need you to do your job."

"I have been. The closest things we've had to security risks were when that farmer's moisture collector broke down, and that last incident."

"Just calm down. You're here for show, If I need a killer, I will tell you."

I heaved a sigh. This was quite possibly the... fifth? worst time of my life. At least when I'm on the wrong end of a fight I can do something. "If you're telling me, then I've screwed up on an incomprehensible scale."

Do think I'll take a break from storytelling for now, just let this next bit do the talking for me. Took 'em a while to decode, even after giving the right frequencies, guess my codes were a bit out of date.

// Intercepted Comms Recording 001

"The target has some very lax security, save her personal bodyguard."

"Your assessment?"

"This will be perfect. There shouldn't even be a fight, but we can certainly make it look like one. aught-seven-one out."

// End Recording

My unhappiness is just a proof I'm not insane.

The Bastard Brigade
#24 Posted: 2015.11.02 01:22
And I need a tech. Damn terminal konked out again, and what good too.(and my lappy is totally dead, graphics card is deader than doornails. unfortunately story is on ice for another month or two til I save up for a replacement. At this point, I could probably just write it out and hand it out at the next fanfest faster than its getting typed, sorry everyone.)

My unhappiness is just a proof I'm not insane.

Corrosive Synergy
#25 Posted: 2015.12.23 22:26
Jonny D Buelle wrote:
Jakar Umbra wrote:
Heathen you there? Dammit I'm missing like a year's worth of time, a few hundred thousand ISK and have a rather vulgar tattoo involving the CONCORD insignia and a kitten on my leisure clone. The last thing I remember is drinks at the club and then I blacked out. If these clocks are right that was over a year ago making this the longest black out I've ever had.

Damn you must be a light weight Joker. Remind me to never take you to Mac's.

No, I say give him Death's Door

See what it does to him.
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