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[Feedback] Hotfix FoxFour

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Woodgrain Atari
#921 Posted: 2015.10.26 22:50
deadpool lifetone wrote:
Darth-Carbonite GIO wrote:

Soraya, when the hotfix goes live, grab your mouse and keyboard and get on Dust. After playing that way, try a controller.

Once you've experienced the changes using both control setups, then come back and form an argument based on experience rather than hypotheses.

Both Rattati and the CPM have already done the hypothesizing. Now it's time to evaluate the changes in a live environment, and work from there.

So that's how these bone head pecker heads have perfect aim assist . smh Keyboards & Mouse lol I would Always wonder how come they never miss a shot . lol thanks for the heads up . Twisted

M/kb is stupid OP whilst using forges. I'm old and meeses give me the carpals, so its ds3 for me. Lol

"And god d*mn it I will be an artichoke, get off my stalk." ~Dust Fiend~

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