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www.protofits.com - a fitting tool project

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Imperium Eden
#361 Posted: 2015.09.03 15:07  |  Edited by: Cyrus Grevare
Kaze Eyrou wrote:
Hey Cyrus! Just noticed that the Prototype Heavy Machine Gun, the Freedom Assault, is not showing up under Prototype Heavy Weaponry.


Francois Sanchez wrote:
Hey I found a small mistake about the logis bonus, it's 5% PG/CPU cost reduction per level, not 10%.


Sorry for not fixing things quicker, but well... effort on this front are a loosing battle Cry

www.protofits.com - a Dust 514 fitting tool

Nos Nothi
#362 Posted: 2015.09.04 01:18
Cyrus Grevare wrote:

Sorry for not fixing things quicker, but well... effort on this front are a loosing battle Cry

Anything we can do to help, Cyrus?
Imperium Eden
#363 Posted: 2015.09.04 18:32  |  Edited by: Cyrus Grevare
Well, I'm not dedicating more time to the development side as it is currently, no longer have the drive or time. We've had no more SDEs made available from CCP so syncing is non existent, all there's to do is manually update stuff - the same stuff What? I try to do it from time to time, but well...

And well, I currently have no plans to continue to pay the upkeep, the site is making like 5 cents a day from ads lol, I'm guessing not many people use it anyway.

If someone wants to help while its on I don't mind, don't know if it's worth it anymore though.

I can grant one or two eager honest mercs access to the backend if any wants to carry a heavy burden made of dashed hopes

www.protofits.com - a Dust 514 fitting tool

Nos Nothi
#364 Posted: 2015.09.05 01:41  |  Edited by: Adipem Nothi
Your creation is too powerful an asset to let die, Cyrus.

Reach out to Rattati. Let him know that you're operating at a loss and see if you can't procure official sponsorship of some kind. Your tool is that good. If I were Rattati, I'd help you keep protofits going in any way I could to see it not follow in dustcharts footsteps. He very well might be able to help in one way or another, and it certainly doesn't hurt to ask.

If for whatever reason Rattati's hands are tied, could the protofits model be recreated as an iPhone app? I'd buy it in a heartbeat, and I doubt I'm alone; Dust players have long wanted a mobile app. Just spitballing here. Trying to help. Lol

Keep us posted. Let's figure this out. o7
OSG Planetary Operations
#365 Posted: 2015.09.08 06:26  |  Edited by: Cross Atu
Regardless of what happens in the future I just wanted to say thank you for all the effort put forth thus far and all the utility provided.

DUST University
#366 Posted: 2015.09.09 22:25  |  Edited by: Kaze Eyrou
Just wanted to post something here as well to motivate you as well Cyrus. This project has been a great effort and it definitely shows. To echo the words of Adipem, your creation is definitely too powerful an asset to die.

Another thing that I didn't know was the existence of ads on your site. I use Adblocker for many sites (mainly because their ads are **** for lack of better words). So I was thinking of some things you could do - things that made me white-list some sites because I wanted to show support for them:

Option 1) Have boxes where the ads would be that let people know you have ads, and would appreciate if you would turn off their ad-blocker to show support for your site. (Reddit used to do this until they were put on the "Allow some non-intrusive advertising" list for my ad-blocker.) This is especially great if your ads aren't flashy "notice me senpai" type ads.

Option 2) Have you thought about asking for donations? I'm pretty sure there's a couple of us willing to support your effort! By Dust players, for Dust players!

Option 3) This just came to mind: What about the different corporations in New Eden? Maybe they want to advertise for their corporation and what better way to advertise it for them? You could ask for a small sum of monetary value, enough to keep the site going, all the while their corporation gets more visibility.

Anyways, just wanted to let you know as well that I turned off my Ad-blocker for your site to show my support. Smile

See you later Space Cowboy. Bang.

Nos Nothi
#367 Posted: 2015.09.09 23:49
+1 for Donate button
DUST University
#368 Posted: 2015.10.19 21:42
Hey Cyrus!

I was wondering if it was possible to incorporate the Augmented Ammunition Facility subsystems in with the weapon damage numbers. I'd only want this if it was simple for you to do; if it's too complex, no need to worry about it. The numbers might be too small to be of any significance.

Reason I bring it up is I'm actually testing the Ammo Facility 5% cap and Protofits came to mind with the weapon damage calculations.

If it's easy, I'd like to request it. Thanks again for all that you do! o7

PS: (I've also turned off my adblocker to your site to help you out. Hope it helps a little bit.) EDIT: Oh, I already said that earlier. lol

See you later Space Cowboy. Bang.

DUST University
#369 Posted: 2015.10.23 19:18
Hey Cyrus:

Found a small thing... Amarr Logistics still only has 72 PG when it should have 78 after the change. o7

See you later Space Cowboy. Bang.

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