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[NEWS]: I-RED in the spotlight

Kirkinen Risk Control
Caldari State
#1 Posted: 2015.02.21 22:38  |  Edited by: Pyyrota Jushin
Pyyrota stumbled out of his bed, almost falling really, and making his way into the mess grunted a 'morning' at his fellow squad-mates. He beat the coffee machine into working barely hearing the news article play over the holoscreen:

"SCOPE NEWS - 2G38-I II, Syndicate
Suspected Ishuk-Raata 'Killing Fields' Discovered in Syndicate

A mass grave-orchard has been discovered on an Ishuk-Raata occupied planet in Syndicate early yesterday evening. Rows of stakes and Kresh trees roughly four years of age have been discovered, each supporting emaciated corpses of unidentified victims. The graveyard is yet another chilling red flag of 'justice' in Syndicate. with Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive's former base of operations located nearby, rumors abound of connections to their loyalty policies. Investigators have suggested it to be the location of 'Kresh Feeding' ceremonies, a practice long since abolished by the Caldari State. Initial death toll has been counted to 233 victims, though identification of individual remains has proven difficult, possibly leaving room for a higher death toll.

Ishuk-Raata has refused to comment on the situation and disavows all knowledge of the site, but Scope deep cover operatives have indicated these mass graves may be the direct result of an internal purge conducted by Internal Affairs Director and capsuleer "Katrina Anya Oniseki". Named the Right Hand of elusive leader and I-RED founder, John Revenent, M. Oniseki has dual citzenship in both the Federation and Caldari State. Known to be eccentric, paranoid, and prone to dangerous outbursts; Ishuk-Raata has a history of officially filed complaints regarding her treatment of non-Caldari in the Directive.

Many bodies lay directly underneath the still hanging corpses of others, without even having been removed from their final resting place. Vermin and carrion birds make it difficult to linger for long among the acrid stench of partially rotted bodies, and not even the slightest suggestion of proper burial rites can be found. While this site appears to have been long abandoned, with the most recent corpses being many months old and most found to have laid there for at least three years, it brings to light questions of conduct for the Caldari capsuleer organization. Is Ishuk-Raata involved? Should criminal charges be filed? What exactly is happening in Syndicate?

This is Ladimerre Hollister, Scope News Placid.

[The Following Addendum Contains Explicit Content. Parental Discretion is Advised.]

Kresh Feeding is a method of torture and execution in keeping with old Raata methods. Hung alive by the left ankle from the strongest branch, victims have their teeth removed and the soles of their feet cut. Disembowelment is conducted on every subject. A clear intent to prevent the natural course of post-mortum cycles by salting the corpses to prevent decomposition is similarly standardized. In this case, some victims are even missing eyes, tongues, or fingers; not considered part of the traditional methods. The bodies were found desecrated and violated, left to rot in the hot humid sun without burial.

For more information please see here... Hold on we have more breaking news:

"SCOPE NEWS - Adacyne, Placid
I-RED Whistleblower Leaks Details about 'Kruger' and Paramilitary Branch!

Scope News has recieved leaked documents stemming from the Ishukone subsidiary capsuleer alliance Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive. The documents cover quite extensive information ranging from personnel profiles to campaign plans. Although many retired documents have redacted information, the most recent 'active files' do not.

Among these leaked documents is a set detailing information about an I-RED baseliner operative by the psuedonym "Kruger". Based on the leak, Kruger appears to have been employed by I-RED as a highly trained field agent assigned to a special tasks group codenamed "Blacklight". The leaked documents include raw mission dossieres including espionage, assasination, and enigmatic references to 'sanitation'. Though highly decorated and well regarded within the Directive, "Kruger" appears to have been dismissed from the Directive according to a typed note attached to the leak.

Furthermore, a final document also mention planned 'field actions' regarding the so-called Tsuruma Incident. The leak did not mention timing or the nature of these actions, though less sensitive employment reports demonstrate a sudden full scale mobilization of I-RED's paramilitary security forces across three regions. These are also the first publicly released details of I-RED's security arm, the Ishukone-Raata Internal Watch, and show much higher numbers of troops and equipment than ever before declared by their Public Relations department.

These are truly shocking revelations, especially given the recent discovery of 'killing fields' in Syndicate, and I-RED's suspected involvement with them. Scope News will investigate further, and are dedicated to bringing to light the newest information on this scandal.

This is Ladimerre Hollister, Scope News Placid.

Pyyrota barely noticed the ticker read 'see here for more' as he collapsed at the table glaring at his NCO, who smirked as he reminded Pyyrota about the physical they all had today.

((OOC: Just a note, Pyyr is an exposition device to help relay news, stories, and events from the wider New Eden community to here, feel free to discuss & debate the things posted by Pyyr in the thread - and I encourage you to contact the groups mentioned in any news story if you want to get yourself involved.))

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#2 Posted: 2015.02.22 13:46
Your trying to tell me that I-RED ritually tortured, killed and disposed of over two hundred people..............


Of all the organizations that live in syndicate......


(laugh's so hard he physically dies and needs to be jabbed by a nanite injector)

#3 Posted: 2015.02.22 16:23
Callidus Vanus wrote:
Your trying to tell me that I-RED ritually tortured, killed and disposed of over two hundred people..............


Of all the organizations that live in syndicate......


(laugh's so hard he physically dies and needs to be jabbed by a nanite injector)


A Man Can Have Anything If He Is Willing To Sacrifice Everything.

#4 Posted: 2015.03.01 18:21

Fck the kdr,i`m going in

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