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Intaki Liberation Front - Join our fight for independence!

#1 Posted: 2013.10.21 19:22  |  Edited by: Denak Kalamari
Namas tayam,

Welcome to the official Intaki Liberation Front recruitment thread!

The Intaki Liberation Front is a roleplaying and Intaki-aligned group of freedom fighters. We are seeking new and experienced mercenaries to support our pursuit of independence for, and to protect the law-abiding citizens of, the Intaki sovereignty. The Intaki sovereignty is an area of space we believe should secede from the Gallente Federation.

Citizens in this area already struggle daily against the challenges of living in lowsec Placid, as CONCORD offers no protection from capsuleer pirates nor Serpentis drug runners in a majority of systems here. With planetary conquest rising in Molden Heath, it is only a matter of time before hostile infantry forces will be able to spread into regions like Placid, bringing chaos and destruction with them. We must prepare now for this imminent threat to baseliner and capsuleer residents alike, and we want you to help us do it!

    We pursue our mission through:
  • anti-pirate combat
  • forming positive relationships with other groups
  • boosting the local economy with mining, industry and trade
  • political lobbying

We are mostly a pilot-oriented corporation but have recently established our mercenary wing to support our pilots and the Intaki people. Our mercenary wing is still small, but diligent and always ready to help our cause when called upon. By joining now you will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of this area of the corp!

    Ideal candidates will be:
  • active, display initiative, and become involved with ILF mandates;
  • willing to adhere to ILF operational guidelines.
  • spreading the word of ILF's mandate to other clone soldiers
  • able to operate and fight on behalf of the ILF solo or as part of a squad
  • willing to roleplay

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Intaki Liberation Front has made an effort to ensure its website, official communications, and other venues are as “in-character” as possible to fit in with the overall lore of New Eden. We do not require prior experience in roleplaying, but you need to have interest in it. Characters should have believable secessionist motivation and players should be ready to roleplay while in-game, at least on public channels.

How big is the Intaki Liberation Front?
Currently we have over 30 pilots and six mercenaries to help our cause, most of them living in the US timezones. We also have a few people from the EU timezones, and having more people to fill our timezone holes would be greatly appreciated.

Do you participate in Factional Warfare?
CONCORD’s Emergency Militia War Powers Act only allows groups to participate in the Empyrean War if they formally declare themselves in support of one of the four empires. Since the Intaki Liberation Front is not aligned with any empire, it’s not possible for us to participate as a “militia”. We make no special distinction between groups who are “militias” and groups that aren’t. However, as the empires inexplicably make their military contracts available to the public, our mercenaries are granted permission to take them from all empires on an equal basis and use the spoils to further our cause for independence.

TL;DR, DUST mercenaries can participate in factional warfare battles, but we do not fight for a specific side, we preferably accept contracts from all the empires.

What about Planetary Conquest?
We are not participating at the moment due to insufficient ISK and manpower, but we are greatly interested in claiming districts, especially if/when they become available in Placid.

Do you have tax?
Corporation tax is 10% for all members. Taxes are used to benefit members via benefit programs such as skillbook reimbursement. You can also suggest your own benefit programs if you join today!

We welcome individuals from across New Eden who identify with our cause, regardless of their race or heritage. To learn more about us, please visit our Galnet portal, or comment in this thread.

If you would like to apply to ILF, please register on our corporate message board and head over to the "Membership Applications" forum to get started.

Thank you for your interest! Questions may be directed to Sakaane Eionell, Bataav or Denak Kalamari, or by inquiring via our public channels, "FreeIntaki" and "Intaki OOC".
#2 Posted: 2013.10.21 19:24  |  Edited by: Denak Kalamari
New recruitment thread is finally created! Feel free to post here if you have any questions regarding this corporation or just comment something related to our corp and cause.
Eternal Beings
#3 Posted: 2013.10.22 02:34
I thought you were in a npc corp this whole time.
#4 Posted: 2013.10.22 03:58
Well, that is a common misconception, and we are definitely not an NPC corporation.
#5 Posted: 2013.10.23 05:09
We are still recruiting for diligent mercenaries to help our cause! You will have a real chance to contribute to the development of our mercenary wing if you join today!
#6 Posted: 2013.10.24 04:42  |  Edited by: Denak Kalamari
Recruitment is still active!

Did you know that Intaki Liberation Front has created an entire language, detailed enough that you can actually learn to speak it?

Menacta akreitos hah ahm, pacant sphetadal.
#7 Posted: 2013.10.25 15:44
Still recruiting!

Did you know that there are several blogs written by our members, including myself? They're all very good reads, I suggest you check them out!
#8 Posted: 2013.10.26 18:27
Ever heard of Kendu Kanarma? It's a great sport born in Intaki and played most often there, and is highly team oriented and has gained cluster wide following.

Recruitment is still active!
#9 Posted: 2013.10.27 18:38
Recruitment is still open and we're still looking for new members!

Did you know that part of the Intaki philosophy is our faith Ida, or the Way? In Ida we believe that all things are in a cycle. Death leads to rebirth, solution leads to more problems. This can be also applied to us clone soldiers, our revival in a new body after death being an extension of rebirth in a way.
#10 Posted: 2013.10.29 06:22
Did you know that according to the Intaki calendar, now would be the third day of the week, Candraymti, first week of hte month (Jhuambheyti) and 16th month of the year, Avsracandra? For more information about it look here!

Recruitment still open!
#11 Posted: 2013.10.30 10:47  |  Edited by: Denak Kalamari
Still very much open for recruitment!

Did you know that Intaki V, our homeplanet is very hot and tropical, even so much that the equator is nearly unhabitable?
#12 Posted: 2013.10.31 09:13
Our Mahesha Bataav has made an excellent argument about the Intaki secessionists in the capsuleer Intergalactic Summit, you should definitely check it out here.

Recruitment still open!
#13 Posted: 2013.11.01 22:39  |  Edited by: Denak Kalamari
Ever wondered how the very first Intaki colonies came to be? Our Tanmaya and former Suresha, Saxon Hawke, has made a summary of it and it can be read here.

Recruitment still active!
#14 Posted: 2013.11.03 00:02
Did you know that Intaki tea is widely known in the Gallente Federation, and that Idama add a hallucinogenic and toxic plant on their teas to increase their awareness?

Recruitmwnt open still!
Tech Guard
#15 Posted: 2013.11.03 11:12
Perhaps the most resilient corporation in The EvE universe.

Yes, o'omnipresent authority figure?

#16 Posted: 2013.11.03 11:40
Indeed we are, the Intaki Liberation Front has been around for several years already.
#17 Posted: 2013.11.04 03:15
The recruitment thread has been added with an extended ideal candidate list, and another where we describe how we pursue our mission, do give it a read.

Recruitment still open!
#18 Posted: 2013.11.05 08:22  |  Edited by: Denak Kalamari
Recruitment still open!

Did you know that there are several essays written to describe the Intaki situation, and why we aim for secession?
#19 Posted: 2013.11.06 16:18
Did you know that the Intaki GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is over 2.9 Trillion ISK?

Recruitment still open!
#20 Posted: 2013.11.08 06:21
Did you know that our pilots get several benefits to aid? With the recent corporation tax, we are also looking into giving mercenaries their own benefit programs!

Recruitment still active!
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