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CPM AMA 7/24/2013 Summary Report.

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Den of Swords
#1 Posted: 2013.07.25 10:23  |  Edited by: CCP Logibro
CPM AMA (Ask Me Anything) was widely successful with the channel hitting 80 participants and a large amount of questions that after 3 hours we had our fill. Hopefully the CPM will try to get more AMAs out in the future and hopefully other CPM members and more questions can be asked as the game, CCP, CPM and community evolves.

However to keep CPM Iron Wolf honest here are the original sources, thanks to all those who are making these possible.

CPM AMA Channel Chat Log Original (Text Only)
CPM Transcript AMA - TBA ???
CPM Video AMA - (3 Hours Long)

This summary is more of a report format instead of a question by question ordeal in order in a compact form that doesn't take 3 hours of your time to go though, the report is not entirely accurate however as there are many good details missing, if you like what you are reading and do have the 3 hours do go though the video provided by Jugian here. While doing the question by question breakdown the 3 hours total content with majority of the AMA in audio and long length of the session made it extremely difficult to do the initial first editing pass to a monstrously long topic that in MS word hit 30 pages. Included is the original Text Log as well including text footnotes of what was happening in audio.

Ground Rules of the AMA
CPM Nova and CPM Hans are going to try to answer as many questions as possible via voice unless it got too crowded and required moderation to have reasonable discussion. CPM Ironwolf took it upon himself to try to get the information out to the wider audience and all the CPM members present answered what they could via text. CPM Nova was the channel moderator.

The future of Dust 514, in the right direction?

The launch of Uprising to the public signaled something dreadful inside CCP Shanghai, damage control kicked in but it wasn’t enough. CCP had to literally sit down and rethink everything including the way the studio did business; essentially doing a little bit of its own HTFU for itself.

It was a painful learning experience for them but they have pressed on, whereas most companies would have cut losses and gutted the entire studio CCP is pressing onward and not letting the game die. Since then CCP has been developing their own studio as much as they been developing the game. 1.4 is the start of the new direction. 1.2 and 1.3 where Trial runs on the new discipline of monthly releases and 1.4 promises to be impressive the first of which features to include in a released in a dev blog later today. However as optimistic as the CPM is we all know how the Fan Fest build turned into a let down so we are very cautious about it and will continue to monitor with the developers as they slate more and more feature for 1.4 and beyond. It took CCP a while but they are heading in the right direction it seems.

Reflecting as to why they launched when they did; CPM Hans has a theory to which nothing is official about it nor are we possibly ever going to get the details of, but his theory is that the launch was to start wearing down the exclusivity clock which may or may not be restricting dust to the ps3.

This may allow CCP to move to other platforms making the push that CPM had been going for in getting a test server up and running, Which in itself provides some interesting hurdles of logistics economics, and legal issues for both CCP and Sony. Sony is scared to death on having untested code on their storefront causing ps3's to blow up, it is bad enough Sony is more than capable of doing this enough on their own. However this should be heavily emphasized this is a totally unsupported theory.

Where is CCP Blam? What about vehicles? What are pilots?

Most companies including CCP generally do not discuss employee status and by extension the CPM will not either.

What you should concern yourself with is that CCP Wolfman's team has taken over vehicles and they work closely with infantry gear already. CCP Wolfman is going to do very comprehensive work on vehicles to the point it’s a total rework from what we currently know to include theory of vehicles and their place on the field. CCP Wolfman has already made very good headway into it by replacing the infantry verses vehicle collision model as well as removing the bug where players would literally get stuck to the bumper of a car and get dealt damage hundreds of times over killing them at slow speeds. This fix is hopefully in 1.4 if all testing goes well.

CPM noted that while before the meeting that some of the vehicle reshaping was planned for 1.4, after the meeting however it seemed much larger than originally planned and most likely maybe 1.5 or after before we can see any of it. CPM has had a discussion with CCP Wolfman on possibly getting something out as early as possible for pilot feedback once the design team gets done reconditioning the entire relationship of vehicles on the field, we will see how feasible this will be and it will hopefully serve as a early means of dialogue before commitment.

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#2 Posted: 2013.07.25 10:23  |  Edited by: Iron Wolf Saber
CCP Communicating, Feedback loop, and accountability of action

This has been one of the more difficult battles the CPM is fighting right now is trying to create the synergized feedback loop between the community players, the CPM, and CCP. It is something the CPM is constantly trying to grind CCP's defenses down on and we're using good examples set forth by CCP Logic Loop, Team True Grit, and Eve Online side. However the grass is always greener is not always going to work. It’s likely going to take some kicking and screaming and some dragging around. As well as pursuing goals when they're ripe. The most difficult thing of this aspect is trying to wear away at an environment that is not used to having such communications. The most beneficial effect of opening up is as CPM Kain puts it, "An ounce of prevention is worth every pound of cure." While CCP says they are busy trying to fix the core the CPM cannot stress enough that core would not be anywhere near as bad in shape had they increased the information loop.

The NDA is not a major road block from the CPM’s point of view when it comes to sharing information. After all the CPM is not the community team and we certainly not dev blog writers and ultimately it is not our job to take patch notes and shower leaflets of it on the forums though many of you would like that. It’s extremely critical portion and necessary part of Dust 514's future overall to create the feedback loop. The CPM does has access to many of the developers very frequently and we nearly talk and what players do say about the game is something the developers do hear or make them catch something they might have missed and remaining a sounding board of pitched ideas. Those Eve side would have recently experienced this with CCP Rise and how horrible industrials 1.0 revision was and how amazingly awesome full of win industrials 2.0 where. The wants to cultivate an environment to where developers would WANT and CRAVE a chance to talk to the community about the things they are working on.

This is something that cannot magically happen overnight and it will take dedication on the CPM's end to make it reality. It took the CSM many years to get to that point and today Eve is far better for it.

Thankfully the CPM does have a good idea what is currently being worked on and the CPM does have the ability to cut though smoke and mirrors that PR might have thrown up.

New Eden

This has been by far the most productive sessions in the CPM so far and it is so much of a higher level of interaction between Eve and Dust, between CPM, the CSM, and CCP of both studios. The bottom line we want both Faction Warfare and Planetary Conquest (thus ergo Null Warfare) to be something players truly care about on both sides of the stratosphere.

For faction warfare CCP Fox four has shown the CPM some grand and reasonable ideas in improving FW overall to having fights that are different from High Sec Battle Finder. CPM has also expressed to Team True Grit that the availability is FW is a bit too low desires means of not only increasing FW fights but allow Eve players to set up matches to where they need them via contracting. On that note the CPM would love input to relay up concerning faction warfare as most of the ideas pitched so far are not known to be in development but that can quickly change, after all the PC changes for 1.3 was an extremely quick turn around from paper to in the game.

On planetary conquest side is where the talks are reaching across the ocean literally. The entire plan is to move away from selling clones to make isk to a model where using clones makes the money, this has been getting very exciting because for those of you who do not play Eve Online clones over there are an extraordinary hassle for something so simple. Dust 514 could provide the means of alleviating that and the CSM is fully onboard with the idea and to get CCP to start talking about it on to each other over the prospect may lead to something that would make a massive military alliance care about who controls the clone supply coming out of Molden Heath. There have been other high level ideas but they’re all mostly currently paper napkin discussions but exciting paper napkin discussions none the less. The CPM will continue to work with the CSM on furthering the link. Which includes the next topic.

The Economy

CPM has let their desires already be known to CCP that a player secondary market even if its just player to player trading would be the start of making people start caring about isk and start increasing the value and synergy of the game's environment, community and ultimately be part of the agent of self worth to a mercenary. While CCP is currently working towards enabling transferrable of isk from eve starship pilots to dust 514 players, the CPM reminded that the isk would be near worthless without the means and ability to use that isk to truly empower a mercenary for the most critical and serious battles such as trading officer gear, or even aurum gear with isk from other players and that sooner the secondary market arises the quicker the economist can start getting fed statics of how much isk players are willing to pay for various sorts of items from salvaged prototypes to event rewards like quafe suits.

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#3 Posted: 2013.07.25 10:24  |  Edited by: Iron Wolf Saber
Dekker form EA hire? and Micro Transactions?

CPM hasn't had a chance with him nor do we know what is his role is in the company, we're currently assuming he will be taking a lead in the marketing department when it comes to consumer goods.

The CPM is however actively seeking to get representation from marketing to talk to the CPM and even better if they started talking to the customers. There is invaluable dialogue that can be had between the CPM and marketing, after all CPM are customers too and can be an excellent sample group if needed of sales ideas that would sink or swim. The reason for such calls has been based on some poor sale decisions lately such as a flaylock and contact grenade sale at the height of those weapons abuses or the selling of Dropships at the time of their greatest lamentation. Along with helping shape the future microtransaction model with ideas that would remain fairer to the player of New Eden and certainly stay the hell away from anything that is pay to win and opting for items such as branding your corporate equipment with your logo, forum avatars, and paint/camo jobs on suits weapons and vehicles.

Things however like “Aurum” sales and rejected ideas or ideas in the works may likely never get out of the NDA window.

Skill points?

There are many topics concerning the skill points covered throughout the AMA, including what happened to the roll over system to which the CPM has no answer to and will bring that up at the next opportune moment. As for things such as re-specialization, refunds of skill levels, the CPM expressed that a fair and balanced approach is necessary in order to prevent an environment of entitlement. The most interesting subject that arose concerning skill points involved the new player experience by giving them an ‘uncapped’ experience until they’re proficient, while the idea has merit the detailed more onto the NPE subject itself when it comes time to discuss it with the developers.

Various Bugs?

There are some bug fixes coming in 1.3 whose patch notes you can find here and as long as you guys keep chucking away at the bug reports and investigative forum posts will help immensely in squashing every single one of them. Use both if you can, forums are great for trying to solve the mystery of the bug while the reports are better suited for something that doesn't need further investigation. Detailed reports are key though if you use the ticket route. A few invisible bugs are being resolved along with display errors as noted in the most recent patch notes found here, it’s also always possible hidden bug fixes make it in as well which can happen.

For map related bugs CCP Logicloop is a champion at squashing them however, he needs more help than the usual bug slaying, pictures of problem areas on maps, or even video are absolutely invaluable to CCP Logic Loop in getting these squashed.

New Guns/Suits/Vehicles/Content?

The roadmap the CPM was shown does not have a specific content map, this however certainly does not mean stuff is not being made. There are also the possibility of announced features that sort have fallen off the design table, any old hand here can tell you about the sudden disappearance of the black ops HAV which is a bit silly a low signature weakly defended tank was generally not an then or now environment survivable vehicle. The CPM is however aware of a generalized goal date for achieving 'racial symmetry' and that it is not so distant future but CPM cannot comment on that date as its not permission and under NDA still.

As CCP continues to pursue fixing the core the CPM notes there should be a balance should be struck between the fixing the game and introducing new content. Because just fixing, fixing, fixing can lead to boredom but content, content, content without fixing would lead to aggravation as things get more broken similar to what we experienced in Uprising 1.0. CPM knows that CCP is taking the balanced approach with fixing on the heavy side but new content is coming down the pipeline.

As for the topic of a placeholder; after doing some poking around and based on what the CPM currently knows. Artwork is not the only roadblock that makes the use of a placeholder a bad idea. In short that if we where to use placeholders today majority of those items will share the same exact stats and behaviors of items you already have rendering it useless waste of SP. That design for these items haven’t caught up yet and that development and coding of the items and platforms is much of itself its own bottle neck contributing in the roadblock of new content. To which the resources normally dedicated to such tasks are currently assigned to fixing things like the flaylock and aiming. At this moment the CPM would like to apologize for an early attempts to 'gauge' what the player response would be to the idea somehow it evolved into 'a feasible realistic plan’ when that was never the case.

The CPM however knows that new stuff is not entirely just empty promises and we have seen what is being worked on as we speak, things like this minmatar heavy are being worked on.

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#4 Posted: 2013.07.25 10:25  |  Edited by: Iron Wolf Saber
Match Making, Redlines, and End of Match Rewards

Matchmaking as quite a few things heading its way but for finding battles and the players you wind up with there are plenty of ideas floating about. With the idea of the old gear based systems was neat it was first an honor system in which there was no real enforcement of the rules to the name of the room. Also that there does not need to be further compounding of splitting the community up into neat little pockets in the lower populations we are seeing these days. Finally a truly expert player in militia gear can and will absolutely pub stomp everyone regardless. There was also the notation of using skill points as a possible idea of separators but the CPM also disagreed with that as there are players who are diverse by accident or purpose in soldier build and that would pit them at a disadvantage against those who remained focused.

Ultimately the system will hopefully will have to take into account the player's capabilities and pit them against a team that is better suited for their skill range. CPM is confident that CCP Nullarbor will has something tangible very soon a recent prototyping of data gathering over the weekend was a first step in that direction

As for making matches more fun and significant for players no matter what they choose CCP is pursuing options ranging from better squad and team deployments and management while tweaking the instant battle finder to be more fair for everyone. Combined with encouraging good fights by reducing AFKing by rewarding even poor performance over non-participation will be key to making sure everyone fights. While visiting rewards for various kinds of fights from PC to Instant battles. Topping that off the CPM is pursuing a means of mercy; of ending one side stomped matches quicker but allowing very determined teams to possibly turn tables.

New Maps, Game modes, and Weather?

CCP Logic Loop and the teams he works with have been really busy at work in getting maps to you guys, there are 3 outposts in the works and 1 new terrain layout as well. The two publically known about outposts are the Caldari Research Facility pictured in a map blog sometime back was supposed to been in 1.3 but missed the deadline so it should be in 1.4 hopefully baring disasters to it. The other facility was the Caldari Production Facility which was tweeted about a few days ago getting blocked up. While there is no date for the new terrain nor the other two outposts there are many more smaller and medium sockets making it in and improvements to the map tech when possible are contentiously being made. As for new ‘moods’ the CPM will have to poke CCP Logic Loop on that.

While discussed at great lengths to want something like Skirmish 1.0 back (Skirmish 3.0) to where there was a stronger meaning to being a defender and attacker the design and making the matches mean something again though at this point its the CPM is unable to share anything further on this and with so much of the development team focused on the core CCP Logic Loop is left to work with current tools until design gets around to improving game modes and game play.
As for crater lake; there was several issues with crater lake, the most prominent for its return is incompatible technology, the current tech cannot handle cliff side and the sort like that anymore as the way meshing was done is entirely different. There are other reasons by they're not sharable yet.


CCP Remnant has expressed he wanted to get the bonus system up to part in current design. While this would see like a short sight in design this is probably largely attributed to 'deadline design.' But with the new bonus system things can get far more interesting on the current suits in buffing or niching every class into its own corner much better giving even the base suits a reason for their use that would make those familiar with eve instantly recognizable in the Tech 1 to Tech 2 progression strengths and weaknesses of every role. So interesting bonuses such as Amarr and Gallente relationship with armor tanking with one focusing on hp the later on speed.

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#5 Posted: 2013.07.25 10:26  |  Edited by: Iron Wolf Saber

CPM would like remind once again that we are not developers, and just about none of us should ever be in charge of balancing. That does not bar the CPM however on relaying well debated issues of balance to the development team and at least having some semblance when a change will be read as a good or bad vibe with the community and so far every initial guess on the vibe the CPM has guessed with complete accuracy.

The CPM recognizes there are things CCP is not good at; such as splash damage and balancing for skill however CCP is remaining dedicated to balancing. The CPM wishes to not spend all day picking weeds on balancing which is time that is far better spent on the forums debating the concerns of balances is still something that can be brought up.

With weapons there are plenty of newer concerns now that the flay lock and contact grenades are out of the way such as the mass driver and forge gun and nova knives. However as far as the CPM aware these are not on CCP’s radar whereas some underpowered weapons are. CPM feels quite strongly the reason why some of these weapons may seem simply out of hand is the simple fact there are no reasonable existing ‘counters’ in other words the holes missing in the racial lineups. So balance overall should be a tireless goal to continue to pursue even well beyond the massive shakeup planned for many infantry related issues in 1.4

As mentioned earlier Vehicles are being herded by a new team and just about everything about it for the sake being is probably getting thrown out the airlock and starting fresh. However that monstrosity is far bigger than 1.4 could possibly handle so outside of the collision model fix the earliest vehicle refresh is possibly 1.5 or beyond.


CPM has had regular talks with the CCP on feedback of events and the suggestions are being taken seriously enough that we are seeing changes in future events from requirements, types of events and rewards and overall the CPM is rather happy with the progress so far on it and how much CCP can do with the current code. We’re still trying to get CCP to hopefully correct the rewards to be something useful and meaningful for players however there are plenty of ways to address that from giving aurum no skill gear to special edition no skill items or open up player secondary market. CPM Nova Knife will buy all your quafe suits when that does happen.

Crest API and Vita

CPM/CSM, Eve Community and Dust 514 communities have been pushing for CCP to get CREST API into the beta, and right now there is a currently running public 'alpha' of crest available during the Eve Online AllianceTournament and based on that performance may lead to more things coming down the pipelines so it is indeed exciting times for their party app users.
The VITA app is very closely related to CREST API development similar to how Dust 514 is. They're both CREST powered and have been battle testing the hell out of CREST though the use of the game systems, this alliance tournament preview is the start of player stress testing and usage of the CREST system. The CPM will pursue in getting the earlier asked QnA about the Vita answered as well as more information put forward about the Vita app itself.

Battle flow, the User Interface of the Tactical Network and knowing what your target is doing.

As it stands now, the current UI is a bit short sighted in all the things it can and doesn’t feed you. Far to few people understand fully how stealth works on the tactical network and how to best avoid detection and making useful tactical decisions on it. This is something that is being addressed now to better the player in understanding how the battlefield and tacnet works. This is also opportunity to give the Scout/Light and recon minded players a buff and purpose on the field in providing eyes on everything.

As with any good shooter however knowing what your opponent is doing and what he is armed with is very critically important. Draw Distance is a major factor in this but more interesting is advertisement of that the target is doing. This is what is leading to the blockage of not having resistance modules for infantry. There is no pleasant means of informing you that at very moment it is a bad idea to waste bullets and better off ducking around a corner until it cools off. If CCP figures out an in intuitive means of getting resistances advertised in and lesser reliance on the inlet sub window the better.

New Player Experience

The CPM agrees with the community that there needs to be a very strong drive to make new players feel more welcomed and more easily empowered quickly and belong in New Eden. As it stands now Dust 514 is far more difficult to fully learn than Eve Online is currently as this graph applies. To the Community you’re in luck, the CPM has an offer that some of you can’t refuse. The CPM is gathering feedback on the topic of new players because the stars are aligning and the iron is hot to strike. CPM will be meeting with the design teams responsible for designing and managing features and planning for new players in the near future. The CPM wants those concerned most involved and needs as much feedback as possible to help shape the experience so leaving a post in this thread, even cross posting ideas from other threads is more than welcomed as CPM will be going through that thread and others to be well armed for the meeting.

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#6 Posted: 2013.07.25 10:27  |  Edited by: Iron Wolf Saber
The CPM, then and there, now and later

CPM is in a strained position. There are many in the community that is looking forward to getting one of their own choosing in, yet it looks that simple from the outside. Internally, the story is starkly different and that what most of the CPM signed up for at the start of our term has nearly been practically shattered NDA document. The fact that Uprising was not a smashing success is a major factor derailing that process. Logistically CCP would like to have a means of not only voting but election awareness inside the game which would take away developer time away from the current roadmap. What was supposed to start as a short simple term to just get an election process going and early drafting of the white paper turned into what CSM 1(the first one) had to nearly deal with in terms of controlling damage basically getting thrown into the proverbial blender and trying to make sense of it all. Overall the CPM is happy to assure that when you guys get the chance to vote, those votes WILL matter. While this ‘crisis’ that spurred the great Incarna gate or Jita riots, any similar attempt in Dust has gone unnoticed and ultimately they’re not that useful in repeating a message already hammered into CCP already.

So far the CPM is hopeful and are seeing steps to correct the many mistake but are cautious and ever on the ready to continue pushing the envelope on things that must get done by the studio. CPM knows that CCP is very dedicated to this game still and CPM hopes to be there as long as we can in support. CCP Dolan will be putting together a blog that should cover the updates, the white papers and the government of the CPM in better detail and the current plans for it.

As for dealing with the negativity aimed at the CPM, the CPM recognizes most of it is not considered legitimate and are based on hearsay and personal affection or ill will towards the CPM or that specific member. The Simple fact the CPM can't please everybody is going to cause this regardless whose names have the tag on it. We're not CCP employees, we're volunteers, and we are players like you. The CPM has strengths and weaknesses and members help cover for each other in dealing with problems and if one CPM member is not of your vibe there are multiple options to find one that can.

Overall the business done in the CPM is by no means “Fun.” It can be interesting, intuitive, productive and rather busy. Some CPM members has lost a lot of Dust 514 play time to CPM work and the meeting and backend work is often straining and stressful at times in trying to reach out to players or gather ammunition to push the developers into doing the right thing. It is by no means an easy volunteer job; it comes complete with its hardships and frustrations.
As for CPM Jenza, She recently changed countries and no longer has access to a PS3, which is why she probably dropped off the world for a short bit. She's back with us and was happy to help out in last night's meeting.

You can keep up with the CPM easily here

Small Stuff

Corp Roles
CCP Foxfour is working on that.

Last Night's Meeting with CCP

1.3 or 1.4? When
1.3 next week-ish, 1.4 NDA

bring it back!

Free Suit Give away any purpose?
Once again this is where we wished we talked to marketing, right now our best guesses it may be a dry run at daily care packages, login bonuses, or free advertisement to try new gear.

Multiple levels of zoom on scopes
Will pass the idea up.

CPM doesn't know the fate of this feature since the entire roadmap was basically redrafted after fanfest.

How would the pilot suit effect vehicles would it be though modules?
We don't know the plans yet its still on the whiteboard as we speak.

So the steering wheels ever turn?
That maybe something to bring up to animation teams.

How long is the monthly patch update going to go for?
For the duration of the current roadmap which now has 4-5 months left on it give or take.

As far as the CPM is concerned the feature has been shelved for now but will be revisited once the core is stable enough.

CPM Members how much SP you have?
Nova 12 Million
Hans 12 Million Shaved into Commando suits and scrambler/mass Driver Combo
IronWolf 13 Million Spread Just finished my last lvl 2 weapon skill SMGs and working on lvl 2 vehicle command.

Corp Armory?
Not yet.

Missing officer and militia weapons?
CPM will forward the request as part of the NPE.

Future AMAs
Most likely along and accompanying town hall meetings as well.

Why does Jumping on a scout consume the same percentage of stamina as a heavy jumping?
This is to prevent bunny hopping mostly

CCP Prefits are horrible!
Agreed, well try to convince CCP to maybe help get starter and market fits pre fitted by the community to submit.

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#7 Posted: 2013.07.25 10:31
I KNEW it! The gag has been removed! Pirate
#8 Posted: 2013.07.25 10:33  |  Edited by: Panther Alpha
So it is light in the end of the tunnel ?

Thank you for taking the time writing this down Wolfy Blink The forums will be lost without you. I thought heads rolled after the Official Release, but it looks that CCP toke the full thing alot more serious than they letting as know, and i please for that. I can't wait to see where this new direction take us, and 1.4 looks like the start of serious things for Dust 514.

I guess i have hope for Dust 514 again... i was getting a bit worry.
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#9 Posted: 2013.07.25 10:34  |  Edited by: ChromeBreaker
Right.... ok....

So... Im pretty much a die hard CCP fan, played Eve for years and been in dust since the begining.

But as a TL;DR from what you've said (and sorry for the doom and gloom) CCP seem to be on the back foot. They are fixing things from "bad" decisions and its slowed down forward development.

Dust is young, and i think its growth is a little stunted at the moment. In a perfect world dust should be growing in leaps and bounds but has tripped up .

Great to hear things are getting fixed but i can understand peoples feelings in this

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#10 Posted: 2013.07.25 10:53
Thanks IWS. Time clearly went into putting this together for us. Much appreciated.

RE: FW ideas and suggestions, will there be a dedicated thread in the Council's Chamber?
Nos Nothi
#11 Posted: 2013.07.25 11:04
holy **** ur figures must hurt from typing so much

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#12 Posted: 2013.07.25 11:04
Aye must have took a while to write that up!

thank you, much appreciated here also Cool

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#13 Posted: 2013.07.25 11:15  |  Edited by: CCP Logibro
I have applied glue to this topic. Also moved to The Council Chamber

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#14 Posted: 2013.07.25 11:18  |  Edited by: Aero Yassavi
Thank you for all this info!

Iron Wolf Saber wrote:

New Maps, Game modes, and Weather?

CCP Logic Loop and the teams he works with have been really busy at work in getting maps to you guys, there are 3 outposts in the works and 1 new terrain layout as well. The two publically known about outposts are the Caldari Research Facility pictured in a map blog sometime back was supposed to been in 1.3 but missed the deadline so it should be in 1.4 hopefully baring disasters to it. The other facility was the Caldari Production Facility which was tweeted about a few days ago getting blocked up. While there is no date for the new terrain nor the other two outposts there are many more smaller and medium sockets making it in and improvements to the map tech when possible are contentiously being made. As for new ‘moods’ the CPM will have to poke CCP Logic Loop on that.

Isn't it actually the Gallente Research Facility, not Caldari? And LogicLoop has also stated the Minmatar Cargo Hub outpost is being worked on, rounding out the 3 new outposts.

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#15 Posted: 2013.07.25 11:20
thank you for the info it is welcmed with open arms


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#16 Posted: 2013.07.25 11:20
CCP Logibro wrote:
I have applied glue to this topic. Also moved to The Council Chamber

... you'll get more disscusion in GD...

Den of Swords
#17 Posted: 2013.07.25 11:22
Aero Yassavi wrote:
Thank you for all this info!

Iron Wolf Saber wrote:

New Maps, Game modes, and Weather?

CCP Logic Loop and the teams he works with have been really busy at work in getting maps to you guys, there are 3 outposts in the works and 1 new terrain layout as well. The two publically known about outposts are the Caldari Research Facility pictured in a map blog sometime back was supposed to been in 1.3 but missed the deadline so it should be in 1.4 hopefully baring disasters to it. The other facility was the Caldari Production Facility which was tweeted about a few days ago getting blocked up. While there is no date for the new terrain nor the other two outposts there are many more smaller and medium sockets making it in and improvements to the map tech when possible are contentiously being made. As for new ‘moods’ the CPM will have to poke CCP Logic Loop on that.

Isn't it actually the Gallente Research Facility, not Caldari? And LogicLoop has also stated the Minmatar Cargo Hub outpost is being worked on, rounding out the 3 new outposts.

I wasn't around when CCP Logic Loop talked about the cargo hub publically. ill correct the report then thank you. I'll also double check to see if it was gallente or caldari lab.

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#18 Posted: 2013.07.25 11:23
This is very much appreciated.

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#19 Posted: 2013.07.25 12:11
KAGEHOSHI Horned Wolf wrote:
This is very much appreciated.

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#20 Posted: 2013.07.25 12:27  |  Edited by: 2-Ton Twenty-One
Thanks for the info. Has CCP ever thought of player content? there are allot of things players could be modeling and animating, and submitting to CCP that they could certainly use the extra manpower with.

Valve has shown a way forward to this and it is a great way to help create content for your game.

The ARMA series is also a great example of this.

Admitting your team is small and limited is the first step, figuring out how to force multiply is the next.

And player content is a great force multiplier.
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